Custom Homes in Bethesda MD

Everyone wants to live in the home of their dreams. You want a home that’s not only beautifully designed and matches your lifestyle, but keeps you safe and comfortable. It can be a challenge to find the perfect pre-built home, especially in Bethesda’s competitive housing market. Even if you personally comb through every home listing on the market, you might find a lot of great homes, but not the one home that has all the details and features you desire. If you can’t find the perfect pre-built home, why not build your own?

Designing and building a custom home in Bethesda, Maryland keeps you in charge of the project and guarantees you’ll end up with a home you love. You have two primary options for building a custom home: tearing down an existing house and building a new one from scratch or building on an empty lot. No matter which option you choose, you then have to find the right contractor who can you’re your dream home a reality. Paradigm Homes is a one-stop design/build firm that can assist you with every part of the custom home process, from finding the right lot all the way through to move-in.

Custom Home Builder in Bethesda, MD

At Paradigm, we believe that a custom home should be the result of imagination combined with expert building experience. You don’t have to be an architect to design your own house. Even if you don’t know fascia from soffit or what type of insulation you need, Paradigm Homes can take your ideas and work with you to solidify the right design. Our expert team of builders will build the house according to the carefully crafted designs and bring your vision to life.

We have experience building all styles and sizes of homes, and we want to help you build the perfect home that best fits your family’s needs. We are here to create the home of your dreams, and each project will be informed by our years of experience to help you achieve the highest quality result for you and your family. Our standards of quality extend beyond the Paradigm team to include vendors, contractors, and anyone who is necessary to build your home.  Your beautiful Bethesda custom home will reflect the creativity of the design, the craftsmanship of the trades, and the meticulous attention to detail that comes from an experienced team. With a skilled team managing these elements, you will be free to sit back and relax during the process of building a custom home in Bethesda MD.

The Paradigm Process

The many years we have been in the industry has helped us refine the planning and construction process so that we can better meet your needs. The Paradigm Process gives you an extensive blueprint of what you can expect throughout each phase so there are no surprises.  We have found that this approach not only helps set expectations in the forefront, but enhances communication throughout your building project. The custom home process is broken in down into two phases: Pre-Construction and Construction.

The Pre-Construction Phase includes the design, finish selections, final pricing and permit submissions. Depending on your project’s design, your local jurisdictions permitting time, and your requirements, pre-construction can take about 3 to 6 months.

During this phase, we meet with you to establish your goals. This first meeting will be oriented toward gaining a better understanding of one another. Your ambitions for your custom home, your budget, your aesthetic tastes, and your design philosophy will all help us to begin this process with the right foot forward. We will guide you through the entire design process, and by the time we’re ready to break ground, you will have a granular understanding of the costs, time, and design elements associated with your new home.

The Construction Phase is when the fun begins. During this phase, we complete the actual work on your project. The Construction process for a Custom Home takes about 8 to 16 months, depending on the size of the home and if you are completing a teardown and rebuild.

Our expert team of builders and contractors will work hard to quickly complete the project according to your exact specifications. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out the project to perfection and the flexibility to make any needed adjustments as the project progresses.

Why Paradigm?

Our customer-oriented process and attention to detail is what sets Paradigm Homes apart from other Design/Build firms. You are our number-one priority all the way from our first meeting to our check-ins after construction is complete.

If you are looking for an Bethesda MD custom home builder, contact Paradigm today at (703) 476-5877 to get your project started!


A Custom Home is a home uniquely designed for the client creating a home that is truly designed with the client’s style and finish in mind. The plans for a Custom Home are typically created from scratch or reinvented from an existing floor plan.

A portfolio home is a home that comes from the builder’s portfolio of floor plans. The plans can be tweaked a little and you have the ability in most cases to design the finishes to your style and finishes.

The development process for a custom home and portfolio home are very similar when you choose to tear down and build a new home on your lot.

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We have found no real benefit in hiring the architect before or separate from the builder. Working with an external architectural firm prior to hiring the builder typically presents some challenges, mainly helping clients with design and cost control. We have on occasion worked with outside architectural firms as long as we are hired from the onset to work along side the architect and engineers. Paradigm stands behind the belief that you are more likely to stay within budget having the builder on your team from the beginning and having a better product at the completion of construction.

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Yes, there are some great organizations that we work with that salvage some parts of the existing home. These firms will also show you how you could receive a tax savings through these donations.

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Yes, in this case you would get a construction loan. A construction loan acts very similar to a regular mortgage. The bank will take the future value of the home based on the project design and scope. They will fund you based on the equity and current value of your home and lot. The bank will work with us directly to pay us draw payments based on certain phase of work for the contract value. Once the construction is complete, the construction loan is rolled up into a final mortgage.  To learn more, please give us a call and we can set you up with one of our preferred lenders so you can learn more about the financing of your project.

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The Custom Home process is broken in down into two phases: Pre-Construction and Construction. The Pre-Construction phase includes the design, finish selections, final pricing and permit submissions. The Construction Phase is when the fun begins… we begin the actual work on your new home. The Pre-Construction takes about 3 to 6 months depending on your local county jurisdictions permitting time and requirements. The Construction process for a Custom Home takes about 8 to 16 months, depending on the size of the home.

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Yes, we’d love to help you find a lot for your new Custom Home. We have several partners that have access to off market opportunities that can help you find what you’re looking for. Please call us to get started.

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Of course you can and we are confident we are the right team to help you achieve your goals! Part of our role here at Paradigm is to help you understand the natural advantages of your lot type when you are preparing to build your Custom Home. There are many different lot types that are common in Northern Virginia as well as the surrounding area, and each presents different advantages and challenges.

We want you to understand how lot types are determined, what options each lot type presents, and, if you haven’t purchased a lot already, which lot type would best fit your dream home. We are prepared to sit down with you and discuss everything you need to know about building on your own lot.  If you decide to make us your partner, you will be armed with all the facts to help you turn your lot into a custom home that perfectly fits your family’s needs.

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