Sometimes you buy a home that you think is perfect at the time, but as time progresses you realize that you just need more space. It’s a common issue that we at Paradigm Homes experience with our customers. 

Second story additions can seem like an intimidating procedure because it is quite a complex procedure. Since we’ll be essentially adding more weight to you home, which the skeletal structure of your home was not intended to support, we have to make sure we calculate things carefully and correct. 

We at Paradigm can help add a second story to your Alcova Heights home the right way so you end up with a finished product that you can value forever. 

Like any of our other services, we put your priorities first. So whatever you’d like to use your second story addition for, we’ll design it accordingly. 


Why Paradigm?

Our customer-oriented process and attention to detail is what sets Paradigm Homes apart from other Design/Build firms. You are our number-one priority all the way from our first meeting to handing over the keys to your new custom home.

If you are looking to build a second story addition to your home in Alcova Heights, VA, contact Paradigm today at (703) 476-5877 to get your project started!