It’s the time of year that most people take a few moments to step back and reflect on the previous year’s big achievements, personal accomplishments, or as in my case as business owner…  review  potential tax implications! It’s also the time when we set out to undo or redo some of those resolutions from last year and even set new goals all together.  Here at Paradigm, we are all about setting expectations and accomplishing new goals!  As we begin 2012, I wanted to share a little insight into what Paradigm has accomplished in 2011 and share some of our vision for 2012.  Sticking with our motto of transparency, I see it fitting that we open the curtain to let you inside!  Hope you like what you see…

2011 was our best year yet!  We achieved many of our financial goals and even surpassed a few of them…Very exciting when you beat expectations!  We finished several projects for the year, just to name a few of the highlights… an 11,000 square foot custom home in Fairfax, a new venture for Charles Luck in Georgetown, several pop-top additions around Northern Virginia, and helped several businesses build-out new office space, including our own new office!  Our clients also gave us a 100 percent ranking on our internal survey for completing projects on-time and on-budget.  A great achievement if you ask me!

Around the office we have had some changes as well…literally!  A new office… stop by and check it out!  With it comes a larger space, new conference room and a cool selections room.  As for some of our staff, we have had a few upgrades! Brett Van Horn has recently been promoted to Operations Manager.  Brett has been an integral part of our team and He is very excited about his new leadership opportunity.  With his new role he will continue help us rise to new levels. Amy Masters has also joined our business development team.  Many of you have spoken to Amy… she’s usually the first voice of PBG!   Chris Plummer also joined our team in late 2011 as a project manager.  Chris jumped on the scene into a tough project and shown that he is Paradigm material!  We’ve also gone social… so please like us on and follow us on twitter @Paradigmbuilds.

As we head into our 5th year of business, Paradigm is fortunate to be positioned well within the Washington DC market, where unemployment is lower than the national average and the construction market is experiencing an uptick in activity.  With this our goals for 2012 remain similar to 2011…be “The Example of Excellence” in our industry.  We know it’s a lofty goal, but why set easy goals!  As businesses look to expand and new entrepreneurs hit the streets in 2012, we want to position ourselves to help them build their business!  And as their businesses grow, so do peoples personal needs for new homes or additions, and we want to be there to help them accomplish their dreams.  We’ll continue to build relationships with our clients… we like the team approach to construction because it helps keep us all on the same page and ensures we are all happy at the end!  We’ll also look to position ourselves to possibly by some new land or distressed properties…so if you know of any, please let us know!

Help us celebrate our 5th year Anniversary by helping us achieve our goals. We’d love to be a part of your life and help you achieve some of your 2012 accomplishments… whether it’s a new home, an addition or helping you build your business. We are here to be a part of your team!

Many blessings to you and your families in 2012!

–  Tim Winter