The home building industry is increasingly using the term “custom” to lure potential clients. It is a word that is over-used on homes and plans and under-delivered (in our opinion) when homeowners are searching for their home building partner. Becoming somewhat of a standard across the board, what then makes a builder truly custom?

Do not get caught in the “custom trap”. It isn’t uncommon for those building a new home to pick color selections, appliance choices or even finishes (tile, lighting, plumbing, etc.), but that is usually where it stops when it comes to customization. No two families are the same and their home should reflect that. There should be much more that goes into the building process and that’s where we are confident that Paradigm stands out.

We pride ourselves on our client relationships and that is the heart of any truly custom builder. From the beginning of the process we will not try and squeeze your lifestyle needs into one of our available lots or floor plans (though that may end up being the perfect fit for you). Our goal is to find the perfect solution that best serves your family’s overall needs. This may include:

  • Talking through how to maximize your current home and possibly renovating
  • Finding you that perfect lot and building in your desired location
  • Working with our skilled architects to build your dream home or work with your current drawings
  • Altering any of our current floor plans with any ideas you may have

A truly custom home extends beyond the atheistic and will be one that fits your lifestyle, has the desired features, in the perfect location, and all within your budget. Through the many different types of projects that Paradigm has completed, we are confident that in working together we will be able to create a truly custom home and bring your vision to life.

Like to learn more about our program? Contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss how we can best serve your home related needs.