Custom Home in McLean, VACustom Homes in McLean, VA

It’s not hard to see why over 48,000 people call McLean home. Part of what draws so many people to McLean is its key location and accessibility to other parts of the DC metro region. McLean is just a short drive away from the history and vibrant night life of Washington, DC and Arlington. Many residents commute from McLean to Arlington, DC, or even Maryland for work and then return to the comfort of their McLean home at the end of the day.

Not only is McLean close to great culture, shopping, and dining hubs, but the area has so much to offer its residents right at home, too. Tysons Corner Center, which offers over 300 stores and restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy, is located in McLean. Outside the mall, the area is rich in small and large businesses alike that provide even more unique shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

Many of the homes in McLean are large and luxurious, which is perfect for people who are hunting for pre-built homes. Alternatively, other people long to build the home of their dreams from scratch. If you’re a homeowner looking to build a custom home in Northern Virginia, McLean is a great option. McLean presents unique housing opportunities that are harder to find in other parts of the DC metro area.

Many of McLean’s lots are surrounded by trees and wooded areas, which is perfect for families looking to build a home in a scenic, quiet, and safe area. McLean tends to have bigger lot sizes, which gives homeowners much more creative freedom and space when designing their custom homes. They may build a larger house that uses much of the lot space or they may opt for a smaller home with plenty of left over yard to create a unique outdoor entertaining space.

Empty lots can be hard to come by in McLean, which can be frustrating for the homeowner who wants to build a home from scratch. Homeowners looking to build a custom home in the area still have the option to complete a teardown and rebuild! This is especially ideal for homeowners who have found the perfect neighborhood but the neighborhood doesn’t have any empty lots available. Homeowners who want to stay close to everything they need can tear down an existing house and then build a brand new, custom home in its place. Some homeowners may even use the teardown house as a model for the new, custom home they build.


Build a Custom Home With Paradigm!

Paradigm Homes is an all-inclusive Design/Build firm in Northern Virginia. We have a love for creating beautiful custom homes and want to help you bring your dream home to life.

We can assist you at every step of the custom home design and build process. If you aim to build on an empty lot, our network of experienced realtors can help you find a lot that’s the right size, ideal land type, and is in the best location. We can then get started with creating your design and then move into the construction phase.

If you plan to complete a teardown and rebuild, our realtors can help you find an existing house with all the lot features that you desire. Our design team will help you design every detail of your new home and truly make it customized for your needs and desired style. Then, the fun begins with construction, where we tear down the existing home and begin building your creation.

We make you our top priority at every step of the custom home building process, and we want to help you build the home of your dreams. If you’re looking to build a custom home in McLean, VA, call us today at (703) 476-5877!