Bigger is not always better, and we understand that dream homes can come in all sizes. A large custom home may not be the answer for homeowners that live in more urban locations that can have restrictions on the space available to build. For any homeowner, the ideal home should also be in the ideal location, and that means that many dream homes we’ll need to be built on a narrow lot.

Typically, the industry defines a narrow lot as a parcel of land less than 50 feet wide. Many people think that a custom home built on a narrow lot must necessarily be small. But that’s not the case. In fact, when we create our common poptop additions, we often expand single family homes by adding another level that can add two large additional bedrooms, as well as a luxurious master bathroom suite. For many families, this type of space can be more than enough for your needs.

And even if the footprint of the home itself is not huge, you can use the space creatively when planning the design and layout to maximize what you have, and you can use windows to maximize available light, which has the effect of making your space feel larger.

The bottom line is that for many families, building on a narrow lot has many advantages that can’t be ignored, including a lower overall cost, a greener physical footprint, and the ability to build in the location you want — and with all those advantages, you can still have a home that provides plenty of living space.