Buy or build? For aspiring homeowners, the decision is not always easy.  After deciding your preferred location and budget, this is the next major thing to consider. While buying an existing home might be the quicker option, buying a lot in a location you love and building on it may leave you more fulfilled in the long run, and award you the chance to customize the home of your dreams.

Building a new home does not offer the same convenience as buying an existing house, however you’re able to get exactly what you want rather than settling for what is already there. Paradigm Homes believes in the power of being able to take control of your home’s design and building process, and our team can even help you find the right lot in Northern Virginia. There are many advantages to searching for the perfect lot, rather than the perfect home, including the following:

  1. Customization

If you can imagine it, we can deliver it.  With a brand-new lot, there are endless styles and design options to choose from. By opting to purchase an empty lot in Northern Virginia and starting fresh, you can create a personalized home that has every detail you’ve dreamed of. If entertaining is your forte, enjoy a customized open space perfect for hosting guests and even extending that to the outdoors. If you work from home often, create the ideal workspace for your needs.

  1. Peace of Mind

In a new home, you don’t need to worry about pre-existing problems such as asbestos or mold accruing in the unnoticed corners, or any damage hidden behind the drywall that could pose issues later on. Especially for people with asthma or allergies, moving into a brand-new, custom home would erase that concern.  More than that, appliances break down over time, eventually needing repairs, replacements, and upgrades. Fortunately, when you build a new home, you can have the peace of mind that these issues are less likely to arise.

  1. Potential Profits

Choosing to build a home in Northern Virginia can reward you financially. If this is the reason you choose to build, our contractors can assist you in designing a house that will be enticing to future buyers.  For starters, buying a lot in a great location will raise the likelihood that investors will be interested.  Beyond that, ensuring your team and budget are suitable for this kind of project will make it more worth your while.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Lot in Northern Virginia and Create the Home of Your Dreams

If you can’t find a pre-built home with everything you need, build your own! Designing and building homes in the Northern Virginia area is what Paradigm Homes does best.  Our experienced team will not only exceed your greatest expectations for your home project, we will do it with a smile.  This family-owned building company will enjoy consulting with you every step of the way as you make the home of your dreams into a reality.   

For assistance in finding the right lot, Paradigm Homes can guide you smoothly through the process.  To get started, give us a call today at (703) 476-5877 or submit an online form.  

Don’t wait.  Stop stressing. You can trust us take some of the work off your hands, so you can feel excited about finding the perfect location for your new custom home.