A primary reason for living on lakefront property is your views of the lake…..right? One of our current customers purchased a home on Lake Thoreau a number of years ago. Lakefront property in Reston is at a premium so if you want it, you’ve got to go for it. And they did. But the house was sited in such a way that the views out the back were not directly on to the lake. What to do?

They went through what anyone would in trying to solve the issue of the less-than-desirable lines of sight, consulting architects and considering how an addition or renovation might right the visual wrong. But none of the options really fixed it. That brought our customer to the decision that to truly maximize the opportunity for beautiful views of the water, they needed to tear down and start over.

So we are going to take you on the journey with us. Today we start with the “before” shots and a few early images as we begin to rebuild. Stay with us for updates as we go along!

The former house sat a bit askew to the lake

The back of the house did not maximize windows the way the new home will

Here’s the first couple minutes of demolition:

Here’s the view to take in to it’s fullest!

The new beginning – Here the forms are set for the foundation walls to be poured.


The arm is in place to start pumping the concrete into the forms.


Next up – framing! Journey with us and watch this house go up!