Vienna is Perfect for Design/Build Projects

Deciding where to live (and what to buy) in Northern Virginia can be tricky. Arlington is great for proximity to the city and walkability, but lot sizes and high population density aren’t for everyone. Great Falls is a beautiful place, but higher land prices and a longer commute with nearly zero walkability pushes it a bit too far into the suburban for many. Vienna is popular because of beautiful neighborhoods, generous lot sizes, wooded environments with plenty of parks and trails, and an easy commute into D.C. Vienna also features a gorgeous downtown that’s built to be walkable, making it the best of both worlds for some NoVA homebuyers.

Although spec homes are available in this area, Vienna looks even more appealing when you’re considering a design/build project. Experienced design/build contractors in Vienna will tell you that lot availability, price, and quality are all impressive moving into the new year. Although a spec home might seem convenient, there are a few elements to consider when purchasing one:

A Spec Home as an Investment: Since your home is likely your most valuable asset, it stands to reason that you’ll want to verify that it was built according to your standards. Quality materials and workmanship ensure longevity and durability of a home, and reduce maintenance costs further down the line. Some builders design and source materials for spec homes in order to complete the project as quickly and cheaply as possible. Although this isn’t always the case, consider the spec home from their perspective: they’re hoping to turn a profit by selling the house, and the lower their investment, the bigger their margin. Essentially, a spec home wins in the convenience category since it’s move-in ready.

A Custom Home as an Investment: Apart from the fact that a custom home will be purpose-built to your specific needs, it also may be a better investment. Since you’ll have access and decision making power over most elements of the project, you can choose where to spend and where to save. As your builder, Paradigm will make sure that you’re informed of the ramifications of your decisions, so making the most prudent financial and practical decisions will be easier in this case than the relative unknown elements of a spec home. It’s also important to note that you won’t be paying for amenities or features that you don’t want with a custom home. If a spec home was priced out to include, say, a basement wet bar or a bedroom,  that you’ll never use but you love the rest of the layout, you still have to pay for it.

At Paradigm Homes, we pride ourselves on approaching each project with the intention of completing it precisely as the client imagines it. We use materials that last, and skilled labor that leverages years of experience with expert oversight. We take a measured quality management approach to ensure that our homes last for generations. If you’re interested in a design/build project in Vienna, VA, make sure to contact us. We’re an experienced Vienna, VA Design/Build Contractor and we would love to make your dream home a reality.