Kohler has recently introduced some fun, exciting products that can make your bath look and operate high-end on a budget-minded scale. Even better, these updates don’t require a full-scale demolition of your existing tile and plumbing!

In the category of great new faucet fixtures come 3 lines: Alteo, Refinia and Toobi. Alteo and Refinia both offer a stylish design without breaking the bank. Each starts at about $130 for a centerset faucet.

Kohler Refinia Centerset Faucet


For a super-clean line, check out Toobi which also has inserts for the mouth of the faucet in white, bright green, and black for some added fun in your bath design. The sink faucet is about $283.

Kohler Toobi Faucet with Green Insert

Have you been on vacation and luxuriated in the spray of a rain shower head? Now you can experience that great spray at home without ripping up your walls. Kohler has introduced Hydro Rail which fits into your current plumbing….what a great way to update fast and simple. Here’s a You Tube video of Hydro Rail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIvflsDFyk8

You’ll note that Kohler has something called “Katalyst Spray Technology” – it was introduced a couple years ago and is found in more and more of their products over time. As resource conservation remains an important focus, Kohler has implemented an air induction technology that produces a robust spray even in low-flow products. Now that’s the best of both worlds! Here, a Kohler representative explains what they’ve done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eirm_-3OtMg

Stay tuned: we’ve got some exciting projects we’re working on and will share the stories of progress on them, have information to share on protecting your home from the most common threats, more great new-to-market products, and trends that reinforce history does repeat itself! All in the coming weeks……