Groundhog Phil may not have seen his shadow (yay early Spring), but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature doesn’t have some surprises in store for us over the next few weeks!  As we have mentioned in the past,  finished basements are a great project to complete over the colder months.  In most cases, construction is contained to an enclosed space where the outdoor elements have no effect and offers only a possible slight inconvenience for the homeowner.

Did you know:
– A finished basement could add value to your home
– Options are endless!
– Creates additional usable space
– It forces you to waterproof, repair moisture damage and prevent future problems if needed

For the next three weeks, we are going to be blogging all things finished basements, from design ideas, latest product trends to building requirements.  Feel free to send us any specific questions you may have or reach out if you are ready to kick off your own finished basement!