Why build a custom energy-efficient new home?

Lots of people are going green when building a custom energy-efficient new home. But why is it so important? Building homes that are energy efficient and environmentally conscious is becoming more and more important to buyers from both a climate change and money perspective. While employing green practices and energy efficiency when building might cost a little more during construction, they will pay off over the lifetime of your home. 

Reducing your carbon footprint.

You may also have heard of energy-efficient homes referred to as high-performance homes. High-performance homes include certain features. They produce a smaller carbon footprint than an average home, are built with eco-friendly materials, leverage energy-efficient appliances, and provide robust air quality.

Excellent building materials create excellent homes.

To achieve a healthy interior environment, high-performance homes require excellent workmanship and building materials. These demands dovetail with those of healthy home design: natural materials and ample open space can support homeowners’ mental and physical health. Paradigm Homes is proud to provide these high-quality materials and a design process that’s second to none to create a high-performance home you’ll love.

An investment that pays off.

Smart thermostat in energy efficient new home

Cutting-edge features deliver value for eco-friendly concerns. Smart home technology and renewable energy sources not only increase home efficiency and lower energy bills but also mitigate homeowners’ carbon footprint. The sustainability design trend fits nicely within the high-performance model.

Tear down to build up your ideal custom energy-efficient home.

If you have an existing home that you want to tear down and build the home you really want, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we do at Paradigm Homes. Custom. Smart. Great Design. Energy Efficient. Ethical. It’s all part of the Paradigm Process.

Design/build your dream home with Paradigm.

Design/Build is our favorite kind of engagement with a client because we can leverage our years of design and construction experience to make someone’s dream home into a tangible, beautiful, reality. The Paradigm Process helps us execute and revolves entirely around the client. We understand that there are literally thousands of considerations when it comes to the Design/Build process, and we’re here to help.

Building the North Stafford Street project.

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One of Paradigm Homes’ current projects in Arlington, Virginia, on North Stafford Street, takes all of these needs into consideration. This home is a great example to give you an idea of what Paradigm builds because these customers spared no expense and built a truly incredible home customized just exactly how they wanted it. 

Partnering with our clients for the best outcome.

The clients for this build on North Stafford Road are experts on climate change and energy efficiency in both their professional and personal lives, so they are very passionate about this project. These clients truly became partners with Paradigm on the energy-efficient choices being made for their homes. Their expertise was put to good use! They are changing all the gas to electric in their new home. This is a large undertaking, but was important to them and will pay off in the future. There is potential for a solar roof down the road, further reducing their carbon footprint and leveraging renewable energy sources. 

Review Paradigm’s portfolio to see more examples of high-performance homes.

While this home is still under construction, you can see photos from the following phases: Demolition, Excavation, Foundation, Backfill, and Framing. Our clients were kept in the loop every step of the way, making ethical choices together to create a home that they’re proud of, inside and out. To see more of the homes we’ve built, review our project portfolio

Contact us to start a partnership for a future home you’ll love.

We know that eco-friendly materials and building processes can’t necessarily be seen in a portfolio, so we invite you to connect with the Paradigm team to discuss your specific needs and wants for your energy-efficient home.

We’re confident we have the technical knowledge and design aesthetic that will help you build a home that promotes a more beautiful future…together.

Contact the Paradigm team today so we can design your custom dream home.