As you may have seen in our announcement on Friday, our client, Cupcakes Actually, just opened their second location in Leesburg.  (We also built their first location for them in Fairfax Corner.)

It’s always nice to visit one of our clients on the day that they open their doors to the public, and we enjoyed doing that last Monday.  Its a great partnership and they shared, “Given the fact that this is the second time we’ve engaged Paradigm Homes to build our bakeries, we probably don’t need to say how much we enjoy working with them, because the best compliment we can give is repeat business, which we did, and which we plan to do in the future.”

We want to congratulate the team over at Cupcakes Actually on having a successful launch, another great location, and also for having great instincts on finding the right custom building partner.  :)

Cupcakes Actually's newest location in Leesburg.