New Homes and Home Additions in Northern Virginia: A 2016 Guide


We all love the thought of moving into a new home. We love the anticipation of starting something new in our lives, the excitement of creating new memories, the idea of enjoying new spaces and even the addition of a new mortgage payment…well maybe not that last part! As we kick off the 2016, with our new year’s goals and resolutions, I’m sure a new home or new construction project could be on the list.

New Homes and Home Additions in Northern Virginia










With such a lofty goal, where do you start? Do you put on an addition or pop the top on your current home, do join the list of others in Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, McLean or Vienna looking for a tear down so you could build a new home, or do you spend the time walking through open houses with your Realtor or perusing the internet search sites such as, or for existing homes for sale?

We like to approach this process with a few simple follow up questions. The first step is toNew Homes and Home Additions in Northern Virginia ask clients to analyze their lifestyle. Where do you want tolive and how do you live? Is there a special neighborhood you desire? What do you wantyour work commute to look like or do you work from home? What does your morning routine look like? Who’s the first to wake up and turn on all the lights, who makes the coffee, and who showers first? What does the morning and afternoon school routine look like? Do you like to entertain; do you need a quiet place for kids to do homework and where do you watch the big game? Understanding where and how you live is the most important step in understanding what your needs are for a new home or what requirements you need in your new addition.

Once you understand your lifestyle needs, it’s now time to ask the next most important question. What does a new home cost and what is the difference if we build or buy a new home versus if you pop the top or just put on an addition? This also provokes the greater question…how much can you afford and what does that monthly payment look like? If you’re like most clients, you don’t really know where to start…that’s where Paradigm Homes comes in! We can help you talk through your budget goals and determine if they are realistic. We can help you design and build a new home or a pop-top addition that could fit your budget, along with discussing possible financing options that could help you meet your 2016 goals!

New Homes and Home Additions in Northern Virginia

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll start to explore more of these questions that evolve has you explore the options of building new or adding on. If you can’t wait to read our future posts, please give us a call today and we can schedule a consultation to answer any immediate questions.