The demand for multi-family homes continues to rise due to their convenience and uniquely structured multiple units. Millennials are taking much longer to marry and are more likely to live with roommates in rental units. Retirees are also downsizing for more manageable living spaces, such as single-family homes, and Gen Z is opting for renting individual rooms as well. With more people choosing to live with their families, friends, or roommates, multi-family homes are continuously being built to meet these demands.

In an effort to maximize housing options for growing families and aspiring homeowners, Paradigm Homes proudly offers professional Design/Build services in the Leesburg, VA area. Our team has the experience you can rely on to ensure your project gets completed accurately and on time. If you’re an aspiring property owner, consult with our Design/Build team to see if building a multi-family or multi-generational home is best for you. 

Here’s what you should know about multi-family homes: 

What is a Multi-Family/Multi-Generational Home?

A multi-family home is a single building that accommodates more than one family living separately. It may range from a duplex, or two dwellings within a single building, to small apartments with four units. 

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Multi-family homes are also perfectly-sized for multi-generational families, whose homes consist of more than two generations in one household. Multi-family homes are a convenient option for grandparents, parents, and their children who would like to maintain privacy while saving more on their personal living space. 

Advantages of Living in a Multi-Family Home

There are many advantages to living in a multi-family home and owning one. For instance, repairs and maintenance are much easier to provide. Residents will have the opportunity to encounter issues sooner and respond quicker to get them fixed.

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For property owners, they may potentially write off any home repairs or maintenance jobs done on the property as a business expense. Not to mention, they may also pro-rate part of the mortgage interest payments. 

Single-Family Home vs. Multi-Family Home

Before, multi-family homes started off as large single family homes, which were then sectioned off into individual units or multiple properties. These units have their own unique addresses as well as kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances, which offers residents full customization of their space.

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While multi-family homes don’t offer as much privacy as single family homes (built with a “your needs only-focus”) do, building your own multi-family home allows you to personalize every detail as you please. This way, your living area is your very own safe haven and distinctly separate from those you are living with.

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Multi-family housing options are growing because people of all ages are seeking out long-term housing that’s unique and convenient. Our team at Paradigm Homes understands that creating a home that’s efficient and functional for you and your family’s needs are top priority. Our collaborative Design/Build process for those in the Leesburg, VA area will encompass your every need and resolve any concerns you may have throughout your project.

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