You can build a beautiful custom home on a narrow lot, but if you’re looking to expand your home with a new addition, having a narrow lot does limit your options.  Given the fact that a narrow lot gives you less horizontal space to work with, the most natural way to expand the square footage of your home will be to expand vertically, which we call Pop Top additions.

Pop Tops are one of our favorite ways to expand the living space of a home, because it allows you to take a home that a family is already happy with, and help them continue living there.  Of course, a Pop Top allows you to transform a home drastically as well, because the addition of an entirely new floor means that you also have the option of modifying the existing rooms and layout to use them in a more optimal way.  For example, if you have a bedroom on the ground floor near the kitchen, you might decide that you would rather transform the ground floor with a more open layout that allows you to expand the kitchen where the bedroom was originally located.  In other words, by building upward and adding space to your home, you will open up additional options for you to improve the other rooms of the home.

Of course, as we highlighted in February, if you have an unfinished basement on a narrow lot, you should not overlook the fact that this often presents an outstanding opportunity to increase the square footage of your home without significantly altering the home’s structure.

Whether you live in a home on a narrow lot now, or if you are considering your plans to build on one, it is always a good idea to think about how your family might grow, and how your home will be able to grow along with you.  If you aren’t sure of the possibilities with your limited lot, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be glad to help!