Pop Top Remodeling in Northern Virginia

Years ago, Paradigm Homes created a process and unique product solution to add second story additions to existing homes, building vertically rather than horizontally, to achieve additional square footage for homeowners. The idea was to greatly increase the size and quality of indoor living space without expanding outwards into the lot or yard. This kind of remodeling which we refer to as a “Pop Top” is perfect for homes in more densely populated areas where lot size might be smaller, like Arlington, Falls Church and Mclean Virginia.  

Pop Top Remodeling

Soon, Pop Top Remodeling became one of Paradigm’s core services. We discovered that many growing families want to keep their current address and proximity to Washington D.C. or other convenient locations, but need more space. Staying true to our client-first mentality, this solution addressed budget concerns and offered the families we were working with a faster turn-around than building new. The added bonus is that Pop Up remodeling can help overhaul an outdated home by creating an open floor plan or gorgeous entertainment spaces and by also giving the front of the home a facelift, it will look as if you built new. Families across Northern Virginia were beginning to discover that you don’t have to move or start from scratch to expand, a Pop Top Remodel is a great alternative solution for their needs.

If you’re looking for a builder to help you expand upward, please consider Paradigm Homes. “Pop Up” remodeling may be a similar service offered by another builder, but we have the years of experience to navigate any lot or pre-existing home challenges so make sure you contact Paradigm Homes for your Pop Top Addition today!