Lovers of movies and sports alike, dream of that day when they can watch their favorite film or team in the comfort of their very own home theatre.  Because of the remote location a basement offers, it makes for a great space to add what we believe is the ultimate in home entertaining.

You will need a space that is at least 12×12 to work with (you don’t want to feel like you are constantly stuck in the front row at the movies) to optimize viewing and sound quality.  Aside from that you are ready to get started!  What are some things to keep in mind?

1.  Insulation is key!  Why have a theatre if you aren’t going to optimize and increase sound?  We can guide you through the options out there and even talk through possibly doubling the drywall to ensure the whole house isn’t shaking when the room is in use.

2.  What technology do you want to use?  Flat screen TV? Projection? Surround sound speakers?  The wiring for all this needs to be completed during construction.

3.  Make it fun.  Theatre rooms are a luxury and if there is any place in your house to go crazy with color – this is it.  Why not try a fun combo that you may not typically choose for the bedroom or living room.  Dare I say add a touch of the color of the year (that would be Emerald for those of you who missed that blog post)?

Recreating the theater experience at home is a great option to finish your basement.  Feel free to check out our showcase for some examples of home theaters that we have completed (they can be found under finished basements).  Also, Yahoo! Homes just published a great story on theatre rooms which could be great inspiration for what you could do with your space.

As always,  if there are any questions we can answer on adding a home theatre to your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us!