As a result of lockdowns in cities across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of our daily activities are happening inside our homes. Unforeseen changes to our lifestyles have caused many people to realize the importance of a home that fits their needs. In light of this, the kinds of features home buyers are looking for in their future homes have changed. Some key preferences include larger, dedicated home office space, updated home technology, and more food storage. 

Paradigm Homes understands the importance of owning a home that can adapt to changes in your lifestyle needs. We offer Custom Design/Build services to clients in Arlington, VA and throughout Northern Virginia. Guiding you throughout the entire process, our team combines over a decade of design and construction experience with your vision to create the home that works best for your and your family. 

Below, we further discuss these emerging trends among new home buyers:    

Larger Home Office Space

If you have been one of the many people working from home throughout the past several months, you may relate to the struggle of adapting to your new routine. Whether you have kids or a partner working from home as well, claiming a dedicated workspace can be challenging. 

A dedicated home office that limits distractions while offering a pleasant environment to work in can make a huge difference in increasing productivity and reducing stress. 

Updated Home Tech

Those purchasing a new home have the opportunity to incorporate smart home technology from the start. Updated home technology can reduce energy costs, as well as increase the safety of your property. Some examples of smart home technology include: 

  • Smart Locks and Home Security Systems: A smart lock, which allows you to control access to your home with your phone or desktop, offers both security and flexibility. It will monitor who is entering and leaving your home and some models also allow you to assign certain access privileges to friends, family, and maintenance staff.  
  • Smart Heating and Cooling: With a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s heating and cooling with your voice, phone, tablet or desktop. Some thermostats are capable of adapting to your daily routine and creating an automated schedule to maximize energy efficiency.  
  • Smart Lighting: Many smart lighting systems come with user-friendly apps that let you configure lighting effects like intensity and color as well as create lighting schedules to save energy. 

More Food Storage

Having more food storage in your home increases convenience and can save you time by limiting extra trips to the store. The layout of your kitchen can be designed to maximize storage space, and a pantry with a savvy design and smart storage solutions can make life a lot easier. Creative design choices like a sliding door, stylish lighting fixture, or bright wall tiles can turn an overlooked part of your home into a showpiece.  

Paradigm Homes: Expert Design/Build Services in Arlington, VA

It’s possible that the increased time spent at home over the past several months has highlighted certain features you’d like to see in either your current home or a new one. 

Whether you are looking to do a large renovation to your house or you’re an aspiring new homeowner, Paradigm Homes can assist you. In addition to professional Design/Build services, we offer Pop Top Additions to add space and value to your home. 

For over a decade, our team of experts in design and construction have worked with clients in Arlington, VA and throughout Northern Virginia to create or modify their home and meet their individual budget and aesthetic preferences. 

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