When designing your own home, keep in mind what truly brings you comfort. For some people, it means having an outdoor living space that suits their relaxation or recreational needs. Working with the right Design/Build services will help you achieve an outdoor living space that perfectly complements your home and brings you closer to nature.

Trust Paradigm Homes to help bring your outdoor space to life. We have helped homeowners throughout the Arlington, VA area realize their dream home by providing customized Design/Build services. Below, we discuss several popular outdoor living space features our clients have specifically requested.

4 Outdoor Features Homeowners Love

  1. Covered Deck with Ceiling Fan & Stone Fire Pit
    Arlington VA Design/Build ProjectYou can enjoy these modern design features year-round. With a covered deck and stone fire pit, you will be able to experience year-round outdoor living without the weather ruining your plans. Friends and family can gather around and keep warm during the colder seasons, as well as stay cool in the shade during warmer seasons. 
  2. Porch with Double-Sided Fireplace and Recessed Lighting
    Arlington VA Design/Build Project Feature
    Covered porch designs such as this one, are perfect to achieve that outdoor-in lifestyle so many families desire. Several doors offer ample airflow into the home and the fully covered area offers shade and protection from the sun. The cost-effective dual-use fireplace offers heat in the winter and a nice ambiance in the warmer months. Installing recessed lighting into the ceiling of your porch allows owners to illuminate their outdoor space as they please. Adding dimmer switches takes the lights one step further and offers different mood lighting depending on the event or time of day.
  3. Screen Porch with FireplaceOutdoor Patio Design/Build Project in Arlington VAThis cozy porch design is a perfect place to entertain and will allow you to feel connected to nature and comfortable. It provides warmth and space for family and friends to gather and socialize without the worry of bugs.
  4. Exterior Kitchen
    Design/Build Service in Arlington VAMany people are familiar with their kitchens being the heart of their home. With an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about missing out on friendly gatherings while you prepare the meal! An outdoor kitchen allows you to serve your guests while still being sociable.

    Customize it by including all your kitchen essentials: countertops, grill, shelving and cabinets, fridge and more. Keep in mind accessibility and how you can reduce frequent trips inside the house to grab an extra pair of utensils or plates. 

Create Your Own Outdoor Living Space with Professional Design/Build Services in Arlington VA! 

At Paradigm Homes, your Home Design/Build project should reflect your imagination combined with our extensive building experience. As professionals who have built a variety of outdoor living spaces, we are committed to leveraging our years of experience to make your home a beautiful reality. Our Paradigm Process is customer-centric and will allow us to obtain a clear understanding of your wants and needs to ensure we achieve a perfect balance of both. 

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