In our last post, we highlighted some of the important questions you should ask as you start to think about the ideal home for you and your family. Those initial, high-level questions will help you get a big picture view of what you’re looking for in a home. After you know what you want in a home, the next step is to begin estimating the cost of your project.

This is typically the first official step in working with Paradigm Homes. We provide a free estimate for all of our clients as part of the Paradigm Process, and and here is how we do it: we discuss your ideas, needs, and wants, as well as the budget you have in mind. We then take measurements, and begin asking questions to identify requirements that you may not have previously considered. Within several days, we typically are finished with the estimate as well as a projected timeline, and we arrange a time with you to discuss it.

As soon as you know at a high level what you want in a new home, getting an estimate is really the first step in making your project a reality. And, it paves the way for preparing the initial designs of your new home, which is the topic of our next blog post on planning a custom home. (And if you’re ready, we would love to prepare an estimate for you – contact us here.)