In today’s limited housing market, most families settle for “adequate” homes due to one of several reasons. Their growing family, a new job, desire for modernized space, or something else may prompt their decision for a change. But if they turned to a professional Design/Build firm, they could create their dream home that could meet all of their needs. 

If you want to build a new home in or around Arlington, VA, Paradigm Homes can help. We are a family-owned and operated company that offers client-focused Home Building services. Along with architectural expertise and personalized solutions, our team delivers Affordable Luxury Homes. So instead of settling for a “suitable” house, you can have a Custom Home. 

Here, we consider the motives for constructing a new home and the advantages of Paradigm’s Design/Build services

Why Would You Build Your Own Home?

  1. Accommodate your growing family
    Perhaps the most common reason for creating a new home, a growing family requires extra space and flexibility. This rationale (also called “future-proofing”) entails responding to current needs while planning for future ones. For instance: are kids being homeschooled or would your family get a lot of use from a game room? Maybe a home theater? If so, design your new home accordingly.

    You might also want a multi-generational home, one with distinct sections for different parts of your family. This request is increasingly popular with clients in today’s market.

  2. Relocate for a new job or opportunities
    Whether you’re starting a new position or moving across town, a Design/Build home can help elevate your bright future. Your new location may make traveling to work easier or give your kids access to a strong school district.
  3. To get an updated space & technology
    If you’ve lived in older homes you may have found that they came up short in modern conveniences. Perhaps they lacked outlets, blocked Wi-Fi signals, or struggled to maintain a consistent temperature.

    Building a new home lets you incorporate the latest technology: smart appliances, home automation, and remote temperature & light controls. Plus, creating a new space allows you to prioritize the spaces your family uses most.  

  4. To avoid expensive repairs, renovations, and/or bills on an old home
    Old homes have their charms: classic architecture, old-fashioned character, and legacy appeal, but they also require annual upkeep and repair. So if you live in an old house and face expensive updates, building a new home may save you money. In doing so, avoids the need for constant repairs on an old, crumbling structure and as a bonus, your new home will be cheaper to heat and cool down than a drafty old house.
  5. To create a healthier or alternative lifestyle
    As people age (or if they have physical limitations), they may struggle to move around in their home. However, building a new one allows you to make a more accessible space through universal design principles. Wide doorways, seamless counters, and curb fewer showers make your home accessible.

    A new home can also support a green lifestyle. Reduce your energy bills by installing a heat pump and adding plenty of windows for natural light. 

The Benefits of Paradigm’s Design/Build Process

A lot of designers and contractors have written about the benefits of building your home. If you read their material, you may find some that urge you to be your own project’s contractor. However, consider the advantages of using Paradigm’s Design/Build Process for your Affordable Luxury Home. 

The home building process is overwhelming, but Paradigm has the expertise and is a one-stop shop to guide you through it. Our integrated Design/Build services allow you to work with one consistent team. And since your input affects design and construction, the final product reflects your personal design and family lifestyle. 

This process also helps us to keep your project on-budget and on-time. We make changes as needs arise, and you get the final say on all of them. Finally, when you build a home with us, you help to build homes for impoverished families around the world through our Paradigm Foundation

Paradigm’s Design/Build Services: Available Now in Arlington, VA!

No matter why you want a new home, reach out to Paradigm Homes. We can help you build your dream house with our comprehensive Design/Build Process. For more than a decade now, we’ve helped other Arlington, VA, residents to do the same thing and in that time, we’ve always put our customers’ wishes first while still delivering Affordable Luxury Homes. If you want a home that fits your lifestyle, call us at (703) 476-5877 or complete our online form.