When you’ve got a project like  remodeling a space, or building an addition or  a new home you want to make sure to hire the best general contractor. But who and what determine “best?” You do, with focus on some key points. You are about to embark on a relationship that will last for several months so invest some time upfront to help ensure you make a solid choice.

Questions to ask:
Start by asking anyone you know who has hired a general contractor if they would recommend whom they used and learn about their experience. Referrals from people you trust are a great source for a contact. Online directories, such as Service Magic and Angie’s List are places where you can search for general contractors and other services in your area to meet your needs. The directories often have ratings and information on the business.

You’ve got contacts, now what?
-First and foremost be sure the person or business you are considering is both licensed and insured to do the work you want to have done.

-Have they done work similar to what you want done? Are there past customers you could contact to ask about their experience with the general contractor?

-Will you receive an estimate and how likely is it that the estimate will be on target?

-What is the expected time-frame for completing the work?

-How does the process work? Each general contractor has their own system for getting from your ideas to the end result. Be sure to get an idea of what the schedule will look like.

-How well does the person you’re meeting with listen and understand your ideas? Your relationship will last for some time. Communication, trust and comfort are key.

Move forward confidently with these pointers. What waits at the end of the process is the exciting result of your vision!