1Fall Builds: Input from an Arlington Custom Home Builder

The Design/Build process can take some time, so projects that get underway in late summer will be coming together as things start to cool down. Not to worry, an experienced Arlington, VA custom home builder has no trouble constructing a beautiful home in the cold! In fact, there are even some advantages to building in the fall and winter months.

Getting started in the late summer means that the home will likely already have rough framing, a foundation, and electricity by the time things get really cold, especially with temperatures like we’ve seen in the past few years. When things finally do start to get cold enough for snow, the project continues unhindered. Believe it or not, it’s actually much easier to tarp snow than it is to tarp rain. The fact is that snow is much more manageable and predictable than rain or summer showers. Snow can also be an advantage, since it keeps the ground warm by insulating it from colder surface temperatures. Since construction isn’t heavily affected by colder weather, some families actually prefer winter construction.

Arlington, VA custom homes built in the winter are finished earlier in the year, meaning that their families will have time to get settled, and that they’ll have their new home in the warm months. This fresh start allows them to tackle landscaping and other outdoor tasks without having to recover from construction that may have affected their yard areas. Starting in the winter can also save money. If you’ve gotten a hold of the right property in September or October and decide to delay construction until the Spring, you’ll have to carry the cost of the property until then.

If you have any questions at all about building a home in the Fall or Winter, make sure to contact Paradigm Homes today. We’re expert Arlington,VA custom home builders, and we’d love to make your dream home a reality- whatever the weather.