Arlington, VA Home Renovation Experts

When you want to make major changes to the layout and design of your home, you might have trouble deciding if you should renovate the existing house or if you should start over from scratch with a rebuild. While it can be appealing to get a fresh start with a rebuild, there are a lot of benefits to completely renovating or remodeling your home instead.

Add onto your house without rebuilding. Adding a new floor to your home can give you the extra space you need. This is especially beneficial in the Arlington area, where houses tend to be smaller to accommodate more people in one neighborhood. Building a bigger home from scratch would likely require seeking out a different, bigger lot. Adding a second story not only gives you more square footage, but can open up many more opportunities for transforming your home. You might choose to add a master suite or expand a room on the first floor. Learn more about Pop-Top additions.

Renovation is often faster than a rebuild. Life moves fast, especially in Arlington and the surrounding Northern Virginia area. Setting aside the time to complete your home improvement project might seem impossible. The entire process of tearing down and rebuilding a home can take well over a year, while many full-scale renovation projects within the home can be completed in a much shorter period. Finishing your existing basement, for example, can be completed much faster than rebuilding your house to accommodate a finished basement.

Renovation can add value to your home. If you’re a homeowner, you know the importance of increasing your home’s value, especially if you’ve put some hard work into improving your current house already. Even small renovation projects like putting in new flooring or adding a new bathroom boost your home’s value. Completing a full-scale renovation of your home, however, truly increases your value of equity and can handsomely pay off in the housing market later on.

Renovation keeps you close to what matters. There are a lot of benefits to living in Arlington. Washington D.C. is a stone’s throw away, and Arlington has its own impressive collection of businesses, schools, and historical sites. You might have found a neighborhood with a great elementary school for your children, or one that cuts your commute to work in half. Whatever your reason for loving your current lot, a full-scale renovation keeps you in the same place and the benefits that come with it. Depending on the home improvement project, you might need to seek out a new lot if you want to rebuild; this takes extra time, can be frustrating, and might take you out of the perfect neighborhood.

At Paradigm Homes, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your home renovation project, from expanding your kitchen to adding pop-tops, and everything else in between. We believe that your home should fit your lifestyle, and we make it our mission to help you renovate your home according to your specifications. We have the flexibility, attention to detail, and customer-orientation to make your dream home a reality. Lean more about our renovation and remodeling services, or call us at (703) 476-5877 today!