As we discussed before, the underlying goals of a business owner who needs a new commercial location are very different from those of someone who wants a custom home to live in, because at the end of the day, a business is making an investment, and needs to be profitable.  But when you get beyond the underlying goals, and simply look at the immediate reasons for starting construction, the reasons start to look very similar between the two categories:

  • The business is unique, and none of the existing options can fit your needs.  This is the most straightforward reason to go for the custom option: no two businesses are exactly the same, and many of our customers need their business location to reflect their personality, because that’s what their customers expect.
  • The business is growing, and needs more space at the current location.  In other cases, it is a straightforward decision that comes about because the current location is holding the business back due to limited size.  The easiest example to think of here is a restaurant that could double its seating capacity, or a warehouse that could increase its inventory with a bigger location.
  • Your first location is thriving, and your ready for a second.  This applies to many local businesses (like Cupcakes Actually, for example), who experience great success at one location, and want to duplicate that success in a new local market.  For many consumer businesses, having a consistent brand experience is an essential part of expanding the number of locations where you operate, and you need an experienced building partner to make that happen is necessary to make that happen.

There are lots of reasons for businesses to opt for a custom location, and if any of these reasons apply to you, we would love to hear from you.