If you’re on the housing market currently–or will be soon–then expect to hear the term flex room often. It refers to a space that homeowners can use as they wish: for an office, a  playroom, or something else. While your home may lack a flex room at the moment, you can add one with a Pop Top Addition from Paradigm Homes. 

We are a home improvement company that works in McLean, VA, and the surrounding area. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the benefits and support that a home provides. So, we dedicate ourselves to outstanding customer service and architectural integrity for both Design/Build and Home Addition projects. And when you work with us, you also support the Paradigm Foundation, which constructs homes for underprivileged communities worldwide. 

Below, we expand on the perks of flex rooms and suggest some ways to use their space:

The Function of Flex Rooms

Also called multipurpose rooms and bonus rooms, flex rooms can adapt to a variety of uses. They give buyers–who can only guess what the future holds– confidence when purchasing a home. This value has made them a 2021 trending home feature as well as an effective way to balance your wants and needs

Those who build a Custom Home can incorporate flex rooms into their designs, thereby leaving themselves options for the future. But what if your current home lacks such spaces? Do you have any property space for an addition to your house? 

A Paradigm Pop Top Addition allows you to “build upward” by adding a floor to your existing home. As a type of home remodeling, we adjust the installation to suit your needs. And with all concerns taken care of, you need only decide how to put that space to good use. 

Popular Flex Room Uses

  1. Home office
    custom home office design in pop top addition in McLean VA

    Over the past year, working from home has become a primary feature of professional life. If you plan to continue in this vein, you’ll need a quiet space in your home to do so. A flex room can quickly adapt into an office with a desk, chair, and computer. Plus, the room can always change into something else if your plans shift in the future.  
  2. Playroom
    pop top addition idea in McLean VA

    Without guidance, kids and teenagers tend to take over their family’s household. Toys and accessories, in particular, can eat up space in several rooms. But a playroom provides them with a clear destination for all such items. Best of all, it can evolve with them – action figures can give way to video games as they grow.  
  3. Music or media room

    Those who play music or enjoy a home theater can take over a flex room for their hobbies. It offers a quiet area for those practicing an instrument or watching their favorite team every weekend. Plus, it can store the music equipment or widescreen TV necessary for such pursuits.  
  4. Yoga/exercise room
    Yoga room pop top addition idea in McLean VAAnother common hobby that needs ample space: exercising. Whether you prefer free weights and a pull-up bar or yoga mats and blocks, a flex room can be the perfect space for your workouts. Once again, it provides a quiet area for you to focus on your chosen activity.  
  5. Extra living room
    pop top addition media room in McLean VADepending on its proximity within your home, your flex room could serve as an extra living room. Parties/gatherings with large guest lists may require extra space, which your flex room can provide. Some simple furnishings and decorations will make it as welcoming as the rest of your home.  
  6. Combination room
    flex room pop top addition in McLean VAIf you can’t decide on one flex room use–or need it for several uses–why not make it multi-functional? For instance, your home office could also serve as your music/media room. Likewise, the playroom could also have a portion set off for exercise. Such adaptations are at the heart of Affordable Luxury Homes: balancing wants and needs in your home’s design.

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