What is a single source partner and why is it important?

A single source partner can assist with all of your Custom Home needs. Instead of having to source multiple partners and providers, you can come to Paradigm Homes and get everything you need in one place.

Do you want to design the home of your dreams? If 2023 is your year to make that new home happen, you have to find a builder that understands design and the cost implications for designing and building the home of your dreams. Only then can your dream home become a reality…without breaking the bank or your sanity.

Paradigm Homes is your Single-Source Builder Partner for all of your Custom Home needs. This means we can assist with everything that’s needed to take you from “Concept to Completion.”

Here’s a short list that defines what we mean when we say single-source partner:

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

To move or improve? This is a common crossroads many of our clients come to. If you love your location and purchased your home long enough ago before the most recent “market boom”, we believe that in most instances, the dirt you own is the best dirt to improve upon. There are exceptions to this thought process, but we listen and ask questions to help you make the best decision, objectively. 

All New or Renovation?

Do you need help determining whether a Custom Home via ground-up construction or via a custom Renovation/Addition approach is best for your desired budget? Many times, our prospective clients are unaware of the opportunity for having their Custom Home dream realized through a Renovation/Addition so they solely express their initial interest in ground-up construction. When the market is more of a buyer’s market, this ground-up construction dream can be more closely aligned cost-wise to buying and improving a home by adding square footage and renovating an existing home structure. When the market is more of a seller’s market and home prices for the lot make it less affordable to tear down a home and build using the ground-up construction method. That’s when doing a side-by-side cost-benefit analysis might be helpful. We have countless clients that come to us initially with one plan and then they choose the other option based on a variety of factors (available lots on the market, price of purchasing a lot, rising construction costs, backyard preservation, etc.). Given that our focus is on getting to know you and your family very early on, in parallel with understanding what you are looking to build, we find that most of our clients make a decision in one direction that they continue with from start to finish.

Finding Land

Can Paradigm help find a lot to build on? Paradigm sometimes has lots that we own, but most often we have access to off-market lot opportunities that you can buy below retail market price. How? We also have Strategic Realtor Partners that specialize in particular areas/neighborhoods that we build in. These Strategic Realtor Partners have an in-market presence that makes them a great resource and advocate for our prospective clients that are searching for a lot. We know the best Realtor Partner for each neighborhood in the areas we serve and we are happy to connect you with them if you are not already working with another Realtor, all at no cost to you.

Securing Financing

When planning to build custom, whether all-new, ground-up construction, or through having a large-scale Renovation/Addition, or just a large-scale renovation only, it’s important to know “where the best value-money is”. Not all lenders offer Construction to Permanent Loan Products. This type of financing is different than traditional financing; In fact, the rate for the construction period is often times lower than traditional loan product market rates. The benefit of having us connect you with one of our Preferred Lender Partners is the relationship we already have with them, which makes them uniquely aligned with us when it comes to understanding our process which makes what is usually the most daunting part of any construction project (financing) go smoother for you, our client.  Our Lender Partners will speak with you before you complete an application to help with reviewing scenarios “unofficially” so that you can make sure building Custom is the right financial decision for you.

What About the Logistics?

We know there are lots of logistics involved with improving or building a home. If you need help with relocation logistics like finding a rental, moving company, etc., we have Realtor Partners that specialize in meeting this market need. We also have clients that are in long-term rentals with leases that are coming to an end and the homeowner would love to have a new renter in place to minimize vacancy time for their rental home. We have multiple moving company partners that we’ve worked with over the years time and time again and they’ve been of great help to our clients time and time again.

White kitchen in a custom home

Choose a True Single-Source Builder Partner

Many claim to be “Concept-to-Completion” builders, but there’s a lot that happens during this time! Having all of the pieces and the people in place to provide support is critical. At Paradigm Homes, we literally offer a “Soup to Nuts” solution. We partner with you and handle all of the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. This includes the design, permitting, site work, “Being a Good Neighbor” to your neighbors, and construction. When you partner with us, we give you the keys to a fully turnkey Custom Home that you have partnered with us to design and build. There should be no surprises…at least not the unwelcome kind.

Having a Single Source Builder Partner only works when there’s trust on both sides of the table. Anything that’s required to take you from our initial conversation to handing you the keys at the end is in our wheelhouse. That’s the peace of mind you can and will have when you partner with Paradigm Homes.



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