OK, so the difference may seem obvious, but there are some important nuances here to help you decide what you want for your custom home.  Both three-season rooms and four-season rooms are types of patio enclosures, but a three-season room is typically is made to be used from Spring to Fall, and a four-season room can of course be used all-year round.

The key difference comes down to weather protection.  Sometimes it helps to think about it like this — a three-season room might make an ideal pool-house if you have a pool in your backyard, and you want some protection from the elements while you spend a lot of time in that part of your home.

But in Northern Virginia, we find ourselves recommending the four-season room much more often, because we know that our customers tend to be happiest when they can use every nook and cranny of their home throughout the entire year, and the winters in Virginia tend to be a little unpredictable.  The four-season room is always going to be attached to your home, and it’s always going to have more protection in the form of insulation than the three-season room.

But even though a four-season room is more popular in Northern Virginia overall, the only thing that really matters is creating the right custom home for you — so if you have questions about the pros and cons of the three-season room vs. the four season-room, we would love to talk to you about it in detail.