At first, sustainability and high performance may seem like specialized, niche subtopics within the home construction industry. However, they play increasingly important roles for both homeowners and contractors; they affect design plans, housing features, and other development factors. As an experienced and award-winning Custom Home Builder in Virginia, Paradigm Homes can guide you through the nuances of these topics.

Founded by Tim Winter nearly 15 years ago, Paradigm remains a family-owned and operated company to this day. We have created Affordable Luxury Homes for individuals and communities throughout the greater Washington, DC, Metro area. Alongside Custom Homes, we offer Design/Build projects, Pop Top Additions, and more services depending on each individual building need. Get in touch today, learn more about our process, and start on the home of your dreams.

Below, we define “sustainable” and “high-performance” buildings then explain their importance and features:

What are “Sustainable” & “High-Performance” Buildings?

Given our national culture’s wide-ranging discussions on climate change and sustainability, we start here by clarifying our terms. Although they pertain to climate change concerns, sustainable and high-performance buildings also sit in a distinct context with specific elements.

High-performance buildings are structures that are optimized for energy usage and livability. Whereas some places cause sick building syndrome, high-performance structures are designed to support our health and environment. They work well while also conserving energy.

Sustainable buildings have a great similarity to high-performance ones—their designers just don’t take internal systems’ impacts into account. Nevertheless, sustainable buildings are still built and used in ways that support future occupants and the environment.

The Importance of Sustainability & High-Performance

While all homes must meet their regional building codes, sustainable and high-performance features are voluntary. No one can say you have to incorporate them. Nevertheless, they make a positive impact, and–if you’re interested–Paradigm can integrate them as we design your Custom Home

Specifically, sustainable Home Building involves energy-efficient appliances, water conservation, indoor environment quality, site design, and owner education. Paradigm’s team has experience with energy-efficient home design, so we’re happy to put that to use.

Since sustainable homes use less energy, you save on utility bills while enjoying a healthier living environment. But you can also rest easy knowing that your home has less of an impact on the natural environment.

Sustainable Features Now Available for Homes

  • Improved insulation
    Proper insulation helps to preserve the ideal conditions of an indoor environment, such as humidity and temperature levels. This, in turn, saves you money and conserves energy. 
  • Programmable thermostats
    With automated systems that adjust the temperature based on your settings, you can save by using less energy. Have your thermostat warm or cool the house at one temperature during the day and another at night. 
  • Low-emittance windows
    Designed to work just like traditional ones, low-emittance windows block out UV rays and keep your home cool inside. Their glass is designed to appear normal so that your home remains well-lit. 
  • Sustainable lumber
    Many homeowners look for lumber that was sourced responsibly, without the loss of crucial environments. Some folks even use reclaimed wood for furniture and flooring.

Our Custom Home Builders in Virginia Offer Build Sustainable Homes

You can have the home of your dreams while also building responsibly. Just reach out to Paradigm Homes, experienced Custom Home Builders in Virginia, about sustainable and high-performance building. Along with Custom Homes, our team offers Design/Build services and Pop Top Additions so that you can enjoy Affordable Luxury. Call us today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our online form to learn more about our process.