More and more, it seems that people have a blended career where they work from home a few days a week, and work from an office a few days a week, rather than working 100% from either location.  This trend might be responsible for the recent popularity of the “pocket office.”

The term wasn’t invented until a few years ago, but it refers to a custom home office that is built into a convenient nook in your home.  It specifically refers to a home office that doesn’t need to occupy an entire room, which means you don’t need to choose between having the things you want (a guest bedroom, a game room, a media room, etc.), or somethig you need — your home office. It could be a transformed closet to extra counter space in your kitchen, the important thing to remember is that it will take some creative thinking and vision! Need some inspiration?  Check out our idea book on Houzz here.


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