Home Builders: Charleston, SC Custom Homes

Charleston, SC is one of the most desirable localities near Washington, D.C. It may seem to be prohibitively expensive to build a custom home in Charleston, but at Paradigm Homes we have a process that produces exceptionally high quality custom homes at an price. We have an efficient workflow, relationships with the best material providers, and a staff that works tirelessly to achieve designs that homeowners love. There are neighborhoods in Charleston that are ripe for custom homes and design/build projects, and areas that feature options for tear-downs as well.

At Paradigm, we believe that a custom home should be the result of imagination combined with expert building experience. As custom home builders, Design/Build is our favorite kind of engagement with a client because we can leverage our years of design and construction experience to make someone’s dream home into a tangible, beautiful, reality. The Paradigm Process helps us execute and revolves entirely around the client. We understand that there are literally thousands of considerations when it comes to the Design/Build process, and we’re here to help.

Our first meeting will be oriented toward gaining a better understanding of one another. Your ambitions for your custom home, your budget, your aesthetic tastes, and your design philosophy will all help us to begin this process with the right foot forward. We will guide you through the entire design process, and by the time we’re ready to break ground, you will have a granular understanding of the costs, time, and design elements associated with your new home. From our first meeting to your move-in date, we’re here for you. If you’re interested in an custom home builder with an expertise in Charleston, SC, make sure to contact us today.