Building your own home is a challenging and meticulous process that involves numerous steps, from finding a lot to build on, creating a design, and planning its construction. Great effort must go into these steps before your Custom Home can be built. However, the process gets easier with the assistance of Home Building professionals like those at Paradigm Homes.

We are an experienced team of Custom Home Builders that have built numerous homes for clients throughout Falls Church, VA, and Northern Virginia. As a full-service company, we can assist in every step of the Home Building process. Plus, we personalize our Design/Build process to our clients’ instructions, including their budget and design preferences. Consider Paradigm if you and your family have a Custom Home Build in mind.

Below, we list the steps to help you prepare for building your own home as well as some reasons why past clients have performed Custom Home Builds:  

Steps To Prepare For Building A Custom Home

Find A Lot

First, you should locate a plot of land that you’d like to build on if you don’t already have one. This sets the basis for how easy your build will be, as the terrain and access to the site can factor into the home’s construction.

Look for a lot that contains features you enjoy, such as open land, nearby rivers or streams, dense forestry, hillsides, etc. Balance that with practical choices like the lot’s distance from your work, the nearest schools, and shopping areas. This helps you determine a convenient location for your future home.

Plan & Design Your Custom Home

Next, work out the details of your Custom Home Build project. This step can be difficult without experience, but one of Paradigm’s Home Building team members can help you gather the necessary documentation. 

This material may include design and floor plans, budget, project timetables, material lists, and more. Our assistance allows you to consider the enjoyable aspects of construction – the designs and features in your Custom Home.

Consider Finances

It is rare for anyone to pay for building their own home without a loan, much less purchase one without a mortgage. Thus, the next step to prepare for building your Custom Home is to seek a lender that will help finance your build.

Present them with the documentation that you gathered in the previous step. These materials show lenders that the build is more than just a concept and has a greater chance of being completed, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Purchase Your Lot & Hire Contractors

With the finances in place, your next step is to purchase the lot you think is best among those you looked at in the first step.

Then once you’ve squared away the site where your Home Build will take place, all that’s left to do is hire a team of experienced Custom Home Build contractors. 

Reasons For Building A Custom Home

Building a Custom Home isn’t an idea that just comes out of nowhere. Many seek to purchase a pre-built home in a well-placed suburban development, while others find the potential and utility of building their own home more worthwhile and satisfying in the end.

Paradigm Homes has helped numerous families with building their dream home, each with their own story of how they decided to do so, but many are going through it for similar reasons.

Here are a few common reasons that we’ve heard for building a Custom Home:  

  • Multiple Generations: Many of our clients seek to build a Custom Home to fulfill the needs of having multiple generations living in the same household– a task that certainly requires numerous accessibility and safety features throughout the house, as well as plenty of space for every inhabitant.
  • Growing Family: Similar to the first reason, Home Builders also often want to build a home because those they see on the market don’t seem to fill the needs of their ever-expanding family – the number of bedrooms, location from schools, and relatives, to the size of the yard.  
  • New Job: Another reason that people build a Custom Home is as a result of, and perhaps in celebration of, getting a new job. Not only are you doubling up on the excitement in achieving success, but you’re also making an investment, creating both the home of your dreams as well as an attractive property you can sell later on. 

Paradigm Homes: Top Custom Home Builders in Falls Church, VA

Building a Custom Home is an exciting but strenuous series of tasks that almost everyone requires some form of assistance in. As one of the most experienced Custom Home Builders in Falls Church, VA, and Northern Virginia, Paradigm Homes can help you through every step of the process. We can help design your home to fulfill whatever needs or preferences you desire, as well as construct every inch of your home so that all you have to think about is how it will feel the first time you step in it. Contact us today at (703) 476-5877 and learn more about our services.