In June, Paradigm Homes gladly opened the doors of one of its current projects so that home design enthusiasts from all over the Northern Virginia area could get a behind-the-scenes look of the construction process. With our event, Behind-the-Build, we hoped to familiarize both potential clients and professionals in the industry with the Paradigm Process.

As we entered the final stages of building this Custom Home, our client the Newman Family were kind enough to allow Paradigm to use their future house as a showcase of our work. In the newly constructed living room, we hosted a forum where designers, realtors, and potential clients enjoyed catered snacks and learned about our tried and true Design/Build process. Paradigm’s founder, Tim Winter, along with other members of the Paradigm staff answered questions about the timeline of design and construction, what additions we made to this particular home, and how we can customize our service to any individual’s request.  

After that, we invited our guests to take a tour of the home so they could see for themselves what talents we bring to the table. It is our hope that with this insight into Paradigm Homes’s attention to detail and client-focused project management, we can inspire others to create their dream home. 

Following the open house, Spencer Newman shared some great suggestions for anyone thinking about building or renovating a home, saying, “You definitely have to want something specific and that you’re going to love and that’s personal to you.” For people who simply can’t find something already out there that fits their tastes and lifestyle, building your own home from the ground up is the way to go. Taking full control over they way your home looks, feels, and functions is a great option for creative, efficient individuals who want the best for themselves and their families. 

When asked about his experience with Paradigm, Spencer said, “Everything has been just wonderful. The team has really…helped me create a vision of a style for a home and bring all the pieces together to make it happen.”

Another guest at our Behind-the-Build, realtor George Zeiler of the 3877 Group with Wydler Brothers in Arlington, said he “thought it was beautiful.” For realtors like him, our event was helpful in giving him a better understanding of this part of the home customization process.

Paradigm Homes: Ready to Help with Your Custom Home Design and Build in Northern Virginia

With events like these, we hope to emphasize just why Paradigm Homes is the right choice for custom home construction in Northern Virginia. If you’re ready to take on a new project, call Paradigm Homes today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out an online contact form.  After an initial consultation, we will work with you every step of the way to make your custom home vision a reality.