There are many different lot types common to Arlington, Virginia, and many of them pose their own advantages and challenges. Understanding the natural advantages of your lot will benefit your unique Design/Build project. In the case of building on an urban infill site, the constraints of the lot creates an environment where our Home Builders can leverage our years of design and construction experience in order to make your dream home a reality. 

Utilizing our expert Design/Build services for your project in Arlington, VA will allow you to be apart of the process every step of the way as we begin constructing – starting with our first meeting. Your initial consultation helps us gain a better understanding of you and your ambitions for your home. Below are some of the processes and advantages of building your Custom Home on an urban infill site: 

What is an Infill?

Infill is the process of building on a vacant or under-used plot of land within an existing urban area that is already developed. Successful infill construction will cultivate vitality to older neighborhoods. 

Choose Your Location

Location is the very first step to building your home. The lot size and shape will contribute to the design parameters of your home. With our in-depth experience and knowledge of real estate throughout the Northern Virginia area, we can help you find the perfect infill lot to begin building your dream home. 

What is your design?

After the lot is chosen, then comes the creative part of the process. Using our Design/Build process, we act as a one-stop-shop. As we start the building process, you will understand the costs, how long it will take, and the design elements that will be incorporated into your new home.


Fosters Community – When building on an urban infill site, oftentimes you may collaborate with your neighborhood in order to avoid imposing on another property. Your design will become a part of the aesthetic of the community.

Focuses on Reuse Instead of Replace – Rather than starting on a blank canvas, you are repurposing the existing foundations in order to create something new. You are giving an old structure, a new life. 

Increased Population – New buildings bring curious eyes to the community. Everyone will want to see the new, bright building, increasing the population density of the area. This increase will facilitate the attraction of amenities like small businesses. 

Utilize our Exemplary Design/Build Services in Arlington, VA Today!

There are many empty infill lots with the potential to become a space for a one-of-a-kind Custom Home. With the expertise of our team at Paradigm Homes, you will be able to focus on the design of your new living space while we take care of the details of the lot. For many residents in Arlington, VA, our professional Design/Build services have eased the stress of creating new home. Contact us at (703) 476-5877 for more information on starting your dream home.