During these challenging times, nearly every industry is working to address the concerns over safety and business operations, including companies within the residential construction industry. As construction workers are considered essential, steps must be taken to ensure they remain safe from infection, on top of staying safe within their workplace. At Paradigm Homes, we continue to stay up-to-date with new regulations and put into action new best practices in response to COVID-19.

Our desire is to serve clients by ensuring our team of quality affordable Home Builders continue to remain safe and productive. Throughout Great Falls and Northern Virginia, Paradigm Homes has worked on numerous Home Build projects that have pitted us against all kinds of challenges, providing us with years of experience and intuitive knowledge to face any obstacle in our way.

Below, we discuss some of the ways we are keeping our Home Build process safe:

Distance Design

Firstly, our expert home designers are willing to accommodate our clients’ needs, especially within the case of social distancing. With the widespread use of online conferencing applications, we are able to provide virtual consultations, making it incredibly easy to talk and plan out what specific elements you want to see in your Home Build project and to review any ongoing designs and build status for current clients.

Reducing On-Site Crew

When the time comes to begin building, the main issue is that it usually involves a large number of workers in the same place, which can easily increase the chances of infection. However, we are taking systematic precautions by planning ahead to ensure we have the fewest number of trades working in the same home at one time.

Using Masks & Gloves

One of the clearest preventative measures that we already utilize is wearing masks and gloves within the work site area. However, the same masks most often utilized in construction–N95 respirators–are also heavily needed right now among healthcare professionals and workers.

Due to the shortage of N95 respirators, our team is looking into using substitutes of similar or greater protection, such as N99, N100, P100 face masks, reusable elastomeric respirators, or powered air purifying respirators.

These higher-grade face masks would not only protect our contractors from dust and other particulates that cloud the air during construction, but also from airborne germs.

Paradigm Homes: Affordable Home Builders in Great Falls, VA

At Paradigm Homes, we seek to continue working for our clients despite the challenges we have before us. The above sections are just a few examples of how much we are prepared to continue providing our services as one of the top Custom Home Builders within the Great Falls area.

Our designers and contractors are ready and willing to help you create your dream home. For over 10 years, we worked with our clients through the challenges that come with a Design/Build project, but have always succeeded in helping them build their perfect vision of their home.

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