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Modern and contemporary home designs are used interchangeably in regular conversation and are often viewed as the same thing. However, there are a few subtle differences that set them both apart stylistically. While both designs aim to embody a minimalistic appeal, as to not overwhelm any of the senses, they also refrain from using too much ornamentation or extravagant decoration. If you are deciding between a contemporary and modern home design, it is recommended that you partner with an experienced and trusted Custom Home Build company in Arlington, VA, to help you distinguish which design would suit your needs best.

When you work with a highly trained Custom Home Build company, you can be sure to experience a positive and creative design and construction process. At Paradigm Homes, our detail-oriented team places you at the forefront and will provide you with quality customer service and efficient Design/Build services that surpasses your expectations. Whether you desire a modern or Contemporary Custom Home design, trust our skilled team to enhance your overall Design/Build experience.

Here are the features that separate contemporary home design from modern home design:

Elegant Minimalism

While contemporary and modern home designs mostly fixate themselves into a minimalistic style, they emphasize clean architectural lines and openness. Considering that this makes the entirety of a home more fluid and connected, every aspect of a contemporary home design creates harmony and is heavily influenced by the natural environment and the essentials.  

High Quality Natural Materials

As modern design extracts ideas and themes from the era of the 1900s (industrial and mid-century modern), contemporary design is driven more by what is trending in interior design now. It accentuates sustainability by using materials that are environmentally-friendly.

Here are a few of the materials that are often included into a contemporary home design:

  • Large windows
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Cork

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Furniture that’s monochromatic and walls that are shades of black, white, or gray exemplify contemporary home design. As this style tends to be less defined than modern design due to its constantly changing trends, contemporary design highlights more bold and saturated colors  and distinct shapes and objects. If you are not sure a contemporary or modern Custom Home Build is right for you, let Paradigm Homes help you determine which design closely matches your each and every need.

Full-Service Contemporary Custom Home Design Company in Arlington, VA

Our professional Design/Build experts Paradigm Homes have experience working with a variety of homes and plots throughout Arlington, VA, as well as additional cities around Northern Virginia. Our clients have trusted us for years to create a master blueprint of their Contemporary Custom Home Build through a collaborative and engaging process. This gives us the ability to walk our clients through each step of our Design/Build process to ensure only the highest quality services are provided to bring every clients’ vision to fruition.

Trust our full-service Contemporary Custom Home Build company to manage your next project! Contact us at (703) 476-5877 to schedule an appointment.

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