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As you begin planning the design of your Custom Home Build and the specific features you would like to include, especially if you are planning on selling in the future, it may be difficult to choose what’s best for your home. Home trends often change from time to time, and Paradigm Homes keeps up-to-date with these trends to better serve you. 


Our team of Custom Home Builders at Paradigm Homes have helped clients throughout Northern Virginia create the home they have always wanted. We pay meticulous attention to detail and will always stick to your budget. Whether you are looking for a plot of land to build on or you want to start the design of your new Custom Home, let us bring your creative vision to fruition. 


Here’s a list of the various Custom Home Features that are currently trending: 

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are 2019’s most highly sought-after residential kitchen feature, as they are a great alternative to warming up your food. Since steaming your food offers more nutritious and delectable dishes, you won’t have to worry about heating your meals in the microwave and losing nutrients in your food. 

Heated Flooring

Radiant heating systems have the ability to transfer heat to the floor of your home. It is also one of the most modern home appliances your home can have. Radiant floor heating tends to be more efficient in energy and cost savings compared to baseboard and forced air heating. 

Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting systems offer homeowners the ability to change the color and brightness of their lights with their mobile devices. Due to smart lighting, homeowners are able to significantly reduce their energy consumption. 

Smart Thermostat

Smart appliances, such as smart thermostats, are capable of regulating heating and cooling in your home more efficiently. Smart thermostats provide homeowners remote access to their heating and cooling system by connecting through their Wi-Fi. They also allow you to save more money and energy as they are capable of remembering when you prefer to lower or raise the temperature in your home.  

Wine Cellar

When it comes to aspiring homeowners, who are also wine enthusiasts, a home wine cellar is a dream that can be made a reality. Not to mention, it doubles as its own unique storage area and entertainment space! With all the wineries in the Northern Virginia area, there’s a good chance that aspiring homeowners will also be looking for home wine cellars to store their favorite finds. 

Steam Shower

Steam showers are an enclosed space that seals in steam and moisture. Steam showers are known for using only two gallons of water as opposed to the 50 gallons used on average in a conventional shower. Steam showers are currently trending and are eco-friendly, so if you are looking to create a green bathroom, then a steam shower may be just what you are looking for.  

Pot Filler

Pot filler faucets are highly recommended for homeowners who love cooking. Pot fillers reduce the strain and mess of kitchen clutter. Since it offers you more counter space, it will also allow you to multitask more easily. 

Waterfall Countertop 

Waterfall countertops offer a design that emulates a waterfall effect utilizing materials such as granite, marble, or even quartz. These countertops not only offer an aesthetically pleasing design but are quite durable and functional. 

Outdoor Kitchen

When remodeling your home, an outdoor kitchen is a great space to consider for your next project, especially if you enjoy grilling outside often! Cooking in an outdoor kitchen will allow your indoor heating and cooling to function efficiently and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Prep Sink 

Most modern kitchens today have a secondary sink, or a prep sink, that people have easy access to. A prep sink improves kitchen functionality, as it allows more than one person to do the kitchen prep before a meal and speeds up the meal preparation process. During gatherings, prep sinks also help decrease traffic in the kitchen, which gives you a designated area just for cooking.  

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At Paradigm Homes, it’s our mission to create homes that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to each client’s preferences. In addition to providing our clients with excellent customer service, we offer expertise in Custom Home Build services provided by our experienced and dedicated craftsmen and architects. If you are considering any of the home features above for your new home, allow us to help you to seamlessly integrate your preferred features into the design.


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