Most aspiring homeowners find it difficult to decide between buying a home or building one. Sometimes, the existing homes available aren’t quite what you are looking for. While it may seem overwhelming, finding the right lot and building on it may leave you feeling more satisfied with your decision since it will allow you to customize every single detail to create your forever home.  

Paradigm Homes understands that searching for the perfect plot and building doesn’t quite provide the convenience you are hoping for. Our team of experienced home builders wants to ensure you get the most out of your experience by giving you full control of your Design and Build process in addition to helping you find the right lot for your future home. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing the perfect lot for your Custom Built Home in Arlington, VA.

Custom Design Style Options

There’s no limit on your creativity, and if you can imagine it, our team at Paradigm Build Group can deliver the design that exactly reflects your vision. Once you have purchased a Northern Virginia lot, you are starting with a blank canvas where you can allow your imagination to run free personalizing each detail of your new home accordingly. If you host guests often, we can build you an open floor plan where you and your friends can wine and dine together or even take the gathering outside during the warm summer evening nights. If you also work from home, we can help you create the ideal workspace that puts you in the right mindset to boost your productivity.    

Gain More of a Profit

Not only can you get the most out of your experience of building your dream home, but you can gain more of a profit as well! At Paradigm Homes, we can provide the assistance that you need to Design and Build a home that will also be appealing to future potential buyers if you ever find the need to sell. Even purchasing a lot in a popular location will increase the interest of future investors. When you work together with our team, we will work with you each step of the way, being efficient while staying within your budget.   

Peace of Mind

One of the best advantages of building a new custom home is that you won’t come across any pre-existing problems like mold, asbestos, or even damage that could be hidden behind the drywall. These problems are often found in existing homes and pose a major hazard for those with asthma or allergies, but with the option of building a new custom home, these issues are eliminated. With a custom built home, we also use the highest quality of materials that will last longer and will give you peace of mind knowing any repairs or replacements won’t be necessary in the short-term.

Choose Paradigm Homes to Help You Find the Perfect Lot in Arlington to Create Your Dream Home

At Paradigm Build Group, we know that pre-built homes may not suit your exact needs, but we can help you find the perfect lot and build the Custom Home that does! Once you have finally chosen your desired lot, you may choose one of our custom floor plans to build off on or we can help you start anew with our collaborative Custom Home Build Services. If you plan on selling in the future, Paradigm Homes is also very dedicated to providing only the most convenient and reasonable options for Northern VA homeowners.

Let us help you find the perfect lot for your dream home! Contact us today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our contact form.