As businesses around the country continue to reopen, our daily activity is steadily beginning to pick up. As people take steps toward the future, the experiences of the past several months will undoubtedly affect their choices. As part of adjusting to this new normal, the preferences of homebuyers have also shifted. Increased time at home has made people more conscious of what they lack or value, such as a home office or sufficient outdoor space. 

Providing homebuyers with a customized plan to fit their needs, Paradigm Homes offers professional Design/Build services in the Arlington, VA area, as well as throughout Northern Virginia. With years of design and construction experience, our team collaborates with clients to make their dream home a reality. If you’re an aspiring property owner, consult with our Design/Build team to see how we can help you create a functional and beautiful home. 

Below, we have listed some new perspectives homebuyers have when choosing a place to live:

Prioritizing Size Over Location

Due to spending more time at home, homebuyers may begin to value larger spaces over a great location. According to a June survey of its members, the Virginia Realtors group found that more than a third (35.7%) of respondents believed that the pandemic will impact what type of communities homebuyers will be looking for. Specifically, realtors believed homebuyers will be more likely to buy in rural or suburban communities than they were before COVID-19. 

This could be a combination of a lessening interest in densely populated cities with a willingness to sacrifice a prime, convenient location for more square footage. 

Getting Creative With Negotiations

In the current climate, sellers may be less willing to lower the asking price by much, but homebuyers are finding other ways of negotiating to save money, such as in closing credit concessions. You may ask the seller to cover specific closing costs, or negotiate a percentage of the total closing costs. 

Additionally, having a professional to advise you with the right knowledge can ultimately make a significant difference in your dealings. 

Working from Home

Even as office spaces open back up and people return to work, for some the new normal will be a hybrid of going into the office a few days a week and working the remainder from home. With this in mind, homebuyers are looking for specific amenities that enhance convenience for them and their family. 

The real estate brokerage, Compass, reported a threefold increase in searches for homes with a pool and double the searches for outdoor space. In the Virginia Realtors survey, respondents selected a dedicated home office and outdoor space/backyard as the two most common features homebuyers will be looking for. 

Paradigm Homes: Professional Design/Build Services in Arlington, VA

As lifestyles have adapted and evolved, homebuyers are changing how and what they look for in a new property. Working with an experienced team to build a Custom Home will ensure that you achieve a space you love now and in the years to come. Paradigm Homes has worked on numerous Design/Build projects throughout Northern Virginia, ensuring that each is completed accurately and on time with all of the client’s concerns and preferences in mind. 

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