If you plan to build a new home or renovate your current one, then you’ll probably explore some styles and trends. But without background knowledge, stepping into the complex world of layout and architectural design can be daunting. The sheer amount of material on this topic tends to overwhelm both current and future homeowners. 

Luckily, you have a local resource: Paradigm Homes, Northern Virginia’s premier full-service building company. As professional Custom Builders, we are happy to walk you through the process of creating then building your dream home. We have worked in a diverse range of design styles and sizes for residents of Alexandria, VA, and the greater DC Metro region. Since launching in 2007, we have focused on offering client-centered service and design excellence. It is our goal to build a successful relationship, and a Custom Home, with you. 

Below, we describe what separates a Paradigm Custom Home from others, as well as how it allows you to achieve your design preference and what will work best for how you and your family live:

Paradigm Custom Homes

Custom Homes are unique designs. Clients and designers may innovate on existing plans or create one from scratch. Nevertheless, we create these homes for individual customers, which calls for clients to work closely with our experienced and professional team. 

Building a Custom Home affords you full creative license. Many of the finest houses that Paradigm has built are excellent Custom Home examples

Your Style: Starting With the Basics

When creating a Custom Home, you must decide on a range of fundamental and minor details. We suggest that you begin by nailing down some major design aspects. With your overarching goals in place, you can comfortably add in smaller details. 

Ask the people that you will live with some basic questions: what do they like about their current home? What would they like to see changed? Consider how the traffic moves in your house and what features the occupants want in their future home. Are there rooms you use more than others? Websites like Houzz and Pinterest are great resources to start collecting images for design inspiration.

Also, think about how future events could affect your design. Multi-generational homes, for instance, could house both your immediate and extended family. Likewise, Universal Design can make your home a more accessible place for those with physical disabilities. 

Adding Unique Features & Details

As design components fall into place, start thinking about features and style details that you’d like to have. You’ll have to balance these details with your budget’s constraints. 

Consider how to make your home both livable and stylish. Which rooms are open to guests and which are for private usage? How can you fully utilize the space in your lot and under your roof? How do you decorate without creating clutter? Refer to your builder for ideas and guidance.

Finally, you may find inspiration in popular housing trends. For instance, both energy-efficient homes and green building design will save you money on energy bills. Your design will also influence the health of its occupants; in fact, plenty of natural light can improve it.

Design Your Dream Home with Alexandria, VA’s Professional Custom Builders

While it’s no easy feat, designing your own home allows you to find and showcase your design style. And who better to work with than the professional Custom Builders at Paradigm Homes? Alexandria and Northern Virginia residents have turned to us for our client-centered approach and Design/Build expertise. You, too, can enjoy the same benefits: call us today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our online form to get started!