Pop Top Addition in ViennaPop Top Remodeling in Vienna, VA

You’ve almost found the perfect home in Vienna, VA. Your current house is close to everything you need, has great neighbors, and has the perfect backyard. There’s just one challenge: you need more space. Whether your family’s quickly outgrowing your home, you want to reconfigure and update your layout or need more storage, it’s time to consider a home addition.

Planning and designing a home addition project can be a daunting task, and you may be unsure of how much you can add onto your home with your current lot. After all, completing a home addition in Vienna, VA can be a challenge. Vienna boasts a variety of different lot sizes, with everything from sizeable farm-like lots to small, compact lots. Homes on smaller lots don’t have much room to work with for horizontal additions, and even homeowners living on large lots might be hesitant to sacrifice their yard space to expand their home.

A valuable solution to these lot challenges is to build up instead of out with a Pop Top Addition! A Pop Top Addition is a second story home addition for one-level homes. Building vertically allows you to explore a variety of renovation opportunities, such as designing a master suite for your second level and changing up your floor plan on your first level.

Adding a second story to your home comes with its own challenges, however, and it’s important to note that some homes are better suited to accommodate Pop Top Additions than others.

Good Homes for Pop Tops

Whether your Vienna home is a good candidate for a Pop Top Addition depends on a few factors, largely your home’s architectural style and current setup.

Ranch / Rambler Houses: Ranch-style houses are a favorite of many homeowners for a wide variety of home renovation and addition projects because they offer so much renovation potential. Ranch houses, also affectionately called ramblers, are single-story homes that often feature multiple wings and stretches across the lot. Because these houses already take up so much horizontal space, homeowners usually don’t have as much of an ability to add onto their first level, making second-story additions very appealing.

Cape Cod Houses: Typically only one story, these houses tend to be modest in interior space, which makes them good candidates to build vertically. Their compact, rectangular shape makes it easy to add a full- or partial second level that matches the first level floor plan for a seamless addition. Adding a Pop Top to a Cape Cod home is a great way to fit in more bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family.

Shotgun Houses: These narrow, long houses are often found on smaller lots, so horizontally expanding a shotgun house is challenging. Building up instead of out is a great way to add much more space to your shotgun house without sacrificing your yard. These houses can feel a little cramped because of their unique shape, so adding a Pop Top can open up the first story while providing a lot of extra room to work with on the new second level.

Keep in mind that several other factors determine if your Vienna home can accommodate a Pop Top Addition, including building codes, your home’s age, your budget, and more. Paradigm Homes can help you to determine if a Pop Top Addition is right for your home.

Build a Pop Top With Paradigm!

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