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Paradigm Homes is the Pop Top leader in the building industry. We have established a revolutionary program and process, which can provide creative home solutions in Vienna, VA. Sometimes, the best way to add space to your home is with a straight forward addition that essentially extends your home’s footprint, and lets you build “outward” on your lot. For other families, they are finding our Pop Top is the best solution, because they would rather build “upward” not having a lot which awards them the ability to go outward.

Pop Top is a type of home remodeling that let’s you improve your house by adding new floors or levels with square footage. They can enhance outdated properties by adding open floor plans, master suites, new bedrooms and bathrooms, an office, entertainment spaces or anything else today’s modern family desires to improve their lifestyle.

Northern Virginia and its high property values make Pop Top projects extremely attractive. For families who don’t want to expand their footprint on their lot to maintain a yard, a Pop Top can transform your home into something that can accommodate your needs without changing your address. For those looking to purchase a home it also opens new possibilities in the market to reinvent older homes that you may not typically would consider using the Pop Top method. Both current owners or new homebuyers now have a viable option to add space and updated design, in desirable neighborhoods.


Questions & Answers

Pop Top is our term for a second story home addition. Adding second story to you current one level home is a great way to increase your overall square footage. You can enhance your lifestyle by adding a master suite, more bedrooms and baths and a second floor laundry. You also have the opportunity now to improve your current 1st level by upgrading your kitchen, opening up the floor plan and creating a home more equipped for today’s lifestyle of entertaining.
The Pop Top can be achieved on several types of existing home styles. The one level rambler or ranch, the split-level and the cape all have been excellent, existing pallets for reinventing older homes.
This all depends on the client’s choice  and if they would like to remodel other areas of the current structure. We can certainly update the existing areas like outdated kitchens or unfinished basements or we can also work around rooms to preserve certain areas based on your preference.
The Pop Top process is broken down into two phases; Pre-Construction and Construction. The Pre-Construction phase includes the design, finish selections, final pricing and permit submissions. The Construction Phase is when the fun begins… we begin the actual work on your Pop Top. The Pre-Construction takes about 3 to 5 months, depending on your local county jurisdictions and their permitting time and requirements. The Construction process for a Pop Top takes about 6 months.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to live in the home during a Pop Top remodel. Your utilities will be shut off for certain periods of time during construction, limiting your ability to function normally. The home at times will also be open to external elements, along with experiencing periods of dust and excess debris typically found on a working construction site. For a Pop Top we recommend that you find somewhere to relocate for 6 months. We can help with a rental search if needed, through one of our partner firms. We also require all of the items in the home to be removed and stored to prevent any damage during the construction process.
The cost of a Pop Top all depends on the overall scope of work requested for your home: the level of finishes you choose, overall size, details of the design and the amount of existing interior or exterior space you choose to have remodeled. There are several ways clients have paid for Pop Tops, but the easiest and most convenient way is a construction loan or home equity loan. We can help guide you through the most cost effective design and financing solutions.
Yes, we’d love to help you find a pre-existing home or come discuss the options of your current property and see if its a Pop Top candidate. If you would like to renovate an older home, we have several partners that have access to off market opportunities that can help you find what you’re looking for. Please reach out through our contact page to get started!

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