On May 17th, 2019, Paradigm Homes was featured in ARLnow as one of  Northern Virginia’s top Design/Build firms that is constantly improving the growth of our community. As a professional Custom Home Builder, we aim to help residents achieve their goals by creating efficient Custom Home designs that best align to their exact needs. 

Finding the 3 “R’s” – “Right Builder, Right Time, Right Lot.” – are crucial to achieving a successful Custom Home Build, and Paradigm Homes specializes in services, such as finding the right lot and financial assistance, to make the Design/Build process easy and more memorable.  

Here are a few of our favorite questions they asked us during the interview: 

“What differentiates you from other builders?” 

“In the competitive construction market Paradigm Homes’s established systems and processes have provided our clients with an unmatched building experience. We pride ourselves on being client focused because we understand building a good relationship with our client is just as important as building a great product.”

“When you choose to work with Paradigm, you get access to our entire team of home experts in a one-stop-shop. By having the Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager and Owner all working together and willing to go the extra mile for you, you can be sure communication and execution will be improved, ensuring a great end result.”

“How long have you been building homes and how many people work on your team?” 

“12 years and a team of 6.”

“What is the most popular model you build?”

“We do not adhere to a cookie-cutter business model. Whether the answer is a new custom home or reinventing our clients current home with a Pop Top Addition, we have a diverse portfolio, awarding us a unique skill set and vision to find a building solution that best fits our client’s needs.”

“A home is meant to be lived in and this is why no matter what type of home design our client needs help with, we focus on how they intend on using the new space so that the end product best fits their lifestyle and we work to build something that is special and unique for them.”  

Paradigm Homes: Northern Virginia’s Most Trusted Custom Home Builders 

We’re humbled by ARLnow’s recent Paradigm Homes feature! You can view the article “New Homes in Arlington: May 17” on their website. 

We will continue our mission of creating innovative and functional Custom Homes and Pop Top Additions, as well as making the Design/Build process as simple as possible for residents throughout the Northern Virginia area. We ensure a lasting Custom Home Build that you can call your own, which you can attain through our client-focused Design/Build program that offers unique solutions that will help you feel right at home.    

We look forward to bringing your creative vision to life! Get in touch with us at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our form and we’ll reach out to you shortly.