When you purchase a new home, or renovate an old one, it should fulfill your needs and expectations. But sometimes, the available options lack the features that best fit the way you live. Moreover, they may include undesirable elements— multiple flex spaces, an elevator, a wine cellar, or something else. Why settle, when the solution to this dilemma lies in creating an affordable luxury Custom Home.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable home in or around Oakton, VA, reach out to Paradigm Homes. We are the region’s full-service building company, family-owned and operated by industry experts. Our team puts customers at the heart of our Design/Build process so that they have control of their project. Plus, working with us supports the Paradigm Foundation, which builds homes for those in need around the world.

Below, we discuss the features that homebuyers crave and why you should consider creating a Custom Home:

Common Desirable Features

  1. Space for renovation
    The most valuable feature for homebuyers is extra space. Extra space allows families to grow and homes to evolve. It gives residents areas to move around one another and can also be used as storage. And, should you decide to sell your home, it makes your property more valuable.Feeling cramped on your property? No room left to renovate? The lack of free space is a certain sign that a home doesn’t fit your needs. However, you can design a Custom Home with all the space you desire. 
  2. ENERGY STAR materials
    How does a product achieve an ENERGY STAR rating? It must meet certain criteria—specifically, it must function at an energy level that encourages conservation. Thus, such products as appliances and windows can earn ENERGY STAR ratings.Thanks to the high quality of these products–and their energy savings–homebuyers seek them out. If you’re building a home with Paradigm, you can ensure that your design leaves space for these products.
  3. Patio and exterior lighting
    This year’s style trends give space to a mixture of indoor and outdoor living areas. And the most popular adaptation for outdoor living areas is a patio, especially one fitted with exterior lighting.Generally speaking, designers must incorporate the space destined for a patio in their initial drawings. Even if the patio isn’t constructed at the same time as the home, space must be devoted. You may find that many urban-situated homes lack ample room for patio settings.
  4. Signature design details
    Homebuyers also note when spaces catch the eye or make a statement. Specific features–such as hardwood flooring–can’t be duplicated by any substitute, so it tends to add quite a bit of value.Such affordable luxury home features can drive a home’s price out of your range. However, a Custom Home project can emphasize design details above other concerns, helping you end up with a home that matches your priorities.

Design Your Affordable Luxury Custom Homes in Oakton, VA, Today!

Even if the housing market lacks attractive options, you can still enjoy your dream home. Contact Paradigm Homes and ask about our affordable luxury Custom Homes. We have worked with folks throughout the Oakton, VA, area in a variety of styles and sizes. Our team wants to tailor a space to your specific needs, so reach out to us and describe what you’d like. You can call us today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our online form for more information!