The words “affordable” and “luxury” may seem incompatible. But if you’re building a home, one thing can bring them together: strong design. By working with a reliable Home Builder and adhering to your family’s needs and preferences, you can create your dream home within your budget.

At Paradigm Homes, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise high-quality construction to stay within budget. For over 10 years, we’ve built affordable luxury Custom Homes throughout Oakton, VA, and Northern Virginia. When working with our experienced architects, designers, and project management team, you can be confident that your dream home will be on-time, and according to how you live. 

Something else to feel good about? With every Custom Home we build, you help provide a safe and sustainable home for those living in extreme poverty in third world countries.

Below, we demonstrate how thoughtful design can make high-quality luxury an affordable reality. 

Exterior Considerations

Your home’s exterior acts as its public identity and plays a critical environmental role. Its facade is the structure’s biggest thermal barrier and defines how much air moves in and out, which drives heating and cooling costs. As such, you should aim to invest in the shell and structure of your home. 

However, by focusing on the form and selection of materials, you can effectively balance costs and aesthetic objectives. For instance, curves, triangles, and other complex shapes can be difficult and expensive to incorporate into your design. But straight rooflines and square or rectangular floor plans can save you quite a bit of money. 

You can add visual interest to your home’s facade through other options such as differentiating floor levels with a mix of higher and lower-cost materials of different colors and textures. 

Efficient and Economical Interiors

Learn what is most important to you and unique ways to cut costs with your home design. In your kitchen, for example, placing appliances along on a single wall will simplify plumbing down to one straight line of pipework. This saves time and money during construction without compromising space, beauty, or functionality. 

You can also increase your home’s efficiency by eliminating extra rooms and walls. Opt for an open floor plan that combines living, kitchen, and dining areas. This popular trend uses less square footage than a traditional closed style while creating a spacious, multi-functioning environment. With better airflow and sunlight, these spaces can also reduce your electric bill.   

Paradigm Homes: Affordable Luxury Custom Homes in Oakton, VA

With the pandemic this past year, our homes have taken on more importance than ever. At Paradigm Homes, we understand how much it means to have a home that fits your daily lifestyle and feels unique to you and your family. When working with our clients to build Affordable Luxury Custom Homes, we aim to eliminate stress and deliver cost-effective, thoughtfully-designed homes of the highest quality.  

Contact us today to learn more about our Design/Build and Custom Home services. We look forward to hearing from you!