At the beginning of each year, Home Builders and designers predict which styles and ideas will grow in popularity. And, notwithstanding unexpected events, these professionals usually have reliable instincts. For 2021, they have noted several growing trends: purposeful space usage, large-format windows, an increase in the usage of wood, and more.

For innovative designs that reflect this knowledge, turn to the region’s full-service Custom Home Builder: Paradigm Homes. We offer Design/Build services, Pop Top Additions, and project consulting options in Arlington, VA, and the surrounding area. Founded by Tim Winter in 2007, Paradigm aims to provide our clients with a Custom Build experience. Throughout this process, our team incorporates customers’ ideas and needs into their work. This allows us to offer Affordable Luxury Homes to folks at all stages of life. 

Below, we go into further detail about 2021’s prominent home styles and features: 

2021’s Popular Home Styles

  1. Common & Multi-purpose Spaces
    Flex Home Builder Room in Arlington VA
    People’s traditional conceptions of “home” are shifting with the times. As mentioned above, unexpected events can influence design trends – and the COVID pandemic in 2020 did just that. Home Builders design spaces that could serve multiple functions – for instance, a bedroom might also serve as an office space.

    This approach helps homebuyers balance their wants and needs. Nowadays, it manifests in flex rooms – indoor spaces that occupants can use in multiple ways. One could serve as an office, an extra bedroom, a storage space, or something else. This is particularly useful if you have a multi-generational home.

  2. Indoor/Outdoor Living
    Home Design/Build room in Arlington, VA home
    In the same vein of ample space for usage, indoor/outdoor living can make indoor space feel open and exhibit outdoor beauty. Glass walls, pocket doors, and large-format windows facilitate these effects, allowing residents to enjoy interiors and exteriors. On a tight lot, glass walls can also help your space feel larger.

    Of course, you should decide on these features early in your design process. They qualify as one of several design features/details to consider as you work with our architects. If you plan to build a pool or patio space, a glass door may help it feel incorporated into your indoor space.

  3. Nontraditional Storage
    Home Builder Storage Shelves Project in Arlington VA
    One ongoing struggle in most homes is the need for storage space and a lack of availability. However, designers have devised creative ways to increase storage space. For instance, adding shelves for storage and design purposes. Thus, homebuyers may forego traditional cabinetry for such multi-purpose shelving.

    Other creative solutions to storage woes include under-stairs displays or wine cellars. While these may strike us as old-fashioned, their usage can be striking and effective.

  4. Signature Entryways
    Home Builder Entryway Design in Arlington VA
    One interesting (and perhaps unexpected) trend that we’ve noticed is an increased focus on entryways. Many of us are used to moving quickly through the front door without much thought. But what happens when we take time to notice the details of the space in front of and behind that door? Whether traditionally ornamented or sleek and modern, your entryway can make a statement about your home’s design.
  5. Specific Design Details
    Home Builder service project in Arlington VA
    Along with bold indoor styles, small design details can end up dominating a year’s trends. For instance, past years have witnessed an influx of kitchens taken over by white or gray tones. But this year, we expect that designers paint one surface a lush color to contrast with the white walls. This kind of statement helps homeowners achieve their design style.

    Outdoor views and exterior lighting also lend themselves to greater use of wood as a design feature. It can serve as an accent or a focal point, depending on the homeowner’s sense of taste. We expect that it will continue to enjoy popularity as it has in the past.

Affordable Home Builder Services Available in and Around Arlington, VA

As 2021 progresses, we expect to see the above-listed style elements t0 appear in homes across the country. Nevertheless, you can have affordable Home Builders and designers here in Arlington, VA, by reaching out to Paradigm Homes. We have worked on all sizes and styles of homes, communicating with every customer to bring their vision to life. In doing so, we deliver Affordable Luxury Homes both on-schedule and on-budget. Call us today at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our online form.