Designing and building a new home is an exciting process wherein you can decide on every aspect. However, such a project calls for an enormous amount of planning and management. 

In providing this experience, Paradigm Homes stands out from our competitors. We place the customer at the center of our Design/Build process by collaborating to create a vision that fits within their property and budget. This approach has made us among the top Custom Home Build companies in Oakton, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. Since 2007, we have created dozens of dream homes through our Pop Top additions and Design/Build services. 

Below, we discuss the 6 steps of our Home Building process as well as why our customers love it:  

Step 1: An Introductory Meeting

First, we hold an initial meeting with you to discuss the Home Build project. We want to hear all of your ideas, needs, and preferences as well as your budget. This meeting allows us to gather information and get a clear picture of your expectations. 

Then, we suggest some ideas of our own as well as solutions for any potential issues. After this meeting, we provide you with a project plan and a feasibility budget based on everything we discussed. These will help you to make a confident decision about your Home Build. 

Step 2: Putting Together The Design

The next step is the most thorough and likely the most enjoyable for you. Our architect and his team will interview you to get a detailed perspective of your daily routine and lifestyle. This allows them to gauge the importance of certain rooms and spaces in your home’s design. 

They will also produce several concept sketches for you, which will give an idea of your new Custom Home Build’s look and feel. 

This phase also gives you a chance to provide feedback. Our team can get a better understanding of the style and features you want in your home’s final design. 

Step 3: Pre-Construction Preparations

Once those initial sketches are approved, they become working drawings. Our architect and engineers will use them to determine the specific measurements of your Home Build. 

These details must be included in the building permits that we submit. At the same time, we will discuss the finer points of your budget as well as the final details of your home’s design. 

This is the most important phase as it ensures the project stays on schedule, within your budget, and in line with your expectations.   

Step 4: Constructing Your Custom Home Build 

Construction officially begins! During this time, our project managers will keep you notified of the build’s progress and describe every step of the construction process. 

Step 5: Moving Into Your New Home 

Construction is finally complete! We will let you know the moment you can slip your key in the door and start moving in.  

Step 6: Post-Build Follow-Up(s)

While we know that you will love your Custom Home Build, we will keep in touch to hear how you like your new home. We can also assist with any warranty issues or inquiries you may have. 

Reasons Our Customers Love Our Home Build Process

Our Home Build process allows us to complete projects consistently and efficiently. We remain on budget and always meet our clients’ expectations. Plus, our customers rave about our services. Here are a few comments that we’ve heard from our previous clients

  • Sharpening and Improving Design: Our customers are thrilled with how we process their ideas and preferences and then collaborate on the best form of their vision. By partnering with us, you will work with an experienced architect who has completed hundreds of Custom Design/Build projects. 
  • High Level of Transparency: Previous clients have also enjoyed the amount of transparency we provide throughout our Home Build process. From beginning to end, we make sure that you know every bit of information about your home’s design and construction. 
  • Quality Project Management: Our clients also note that our project managers keep projects on schedule and within budget. We ensure that the planning and construction stages remain seamless so that our clients experience a simple and enjoyable custom Home Build process. 

Paradigm Homes: Quality Custom Home Build Service in Oakton, VA

Paradigm Homes has worked with hundreds of homeowners over the past thirteen years, helping them remodel or build the home of their dreams. We are experts in performing top-of-line Custom Home Build services as well as remodels through our Pop Top and Design/Build services. In Oakton and throughout Northern Virginia, we have become one of the most trusted names in Custom Home Building. Contact us at (703) 476-5877 for more information and schedule an appointment with us today!