Paradigm Preferred Construction Lenders

Below is a list of vetted and trusted partners that we have worked with in the past and are happy to recommend, as you prepare for your project. Please feel free to contact them having confidence they uphold the same values and professionalism as Paradigm.



Contact: Mark Ferguson
Phone: 301-674-5851


Contact: Jerry Berry
Phone: 571-303-0098


Contact: Hien Nguyen
Phone: 703-259-0839


Paradigm was founded in February of 2007 and has been in business serving the DC Metro area and building dream homes for families for over a decade.

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Paradigm Homes has carved out a distinctive niche for ourselves in the fast-growing Northern Virginia housing market. As families weigh the pros and cons of their current home and what they want and need, Paradigm provides insight and guidance for the difficult decision of whether building a new house is the best solution for their living challenges as opposed to a reinvention of their current home in the neighborhood where they are established.

Priding ourselves on being client-focused, Paradigm takes the necessary time to work with homeowners to evaluate wants vs. needs and budgets. Driven by creative thinking, we apply their extensive experience to find their clients an ideal customized solution.

Like to know more? Make sure to visit our “About” and “Give Back” pages.

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Paradigm currently serves families looking to build a new home or do a Pop Top renovation in Arlington, Annandale, Fairfax, Falls Church, Great Falls, Mclean, Oakton, Reston and Vienna.

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We hire and work primarily with subcontractors. Our team of subs are all licensed and insured and we have a long standing relationship with many of our vendors. Paradigm will only hire well qualified subcontractors and vendors, those committed to high standards integrity and quality and customer service. The Paradigm team is truly a family, made up of experienced project managers, skilled craftsmen and visionary architects all working to create a product that is unmatched in the industry.

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We are confident you will be happy with your new build, however if any issues arise Paradigm offers a one year warranty on all Custom Home and Pop Top projects.

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The true answer is whenever you are ready! Paradigm works all year round. In the Winter months, our projects can move a little slower, but we always aim to keep things on track. The great thing about Paradigm operating as a Design/Build firm, we can get your designs on the calendar almost immediately.

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We cannot guarantee it, but in some instances you can see a positive return on your investment. We have had clients in the past experience higher home equity after we have completed a project for them. Not every project is the same, so the homes location and the overall homes appraisal will determine future equity positions.

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Architectural integrity is important to us. Our design choices help our homes fit somewhat seamlessly into existing neighborhoods for both Custom Homes and Pop Tops. We encourage our clients to take some of the older home elements and merge them with some newer styles. We have received many compliments on how we have helped revive and reinvent older neighborhoods with today’s trends.

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We understand your goal to save money. Unfortunately moving in early actually creates more of cost and challenge for us both. Our teams are not designed to work around client furniture and those living in the home. It actually slows us down and costs you more in the process. Trust us you’ll appreciate moving back in when we are out of the way and your home is complete!
There are some ways you can join in the fun but let’s be honest, you hired us for a reason! We have some flexibility of client involvement but it really depends on the type of project you are thinking of taking on.


Regardless of your building needs, Paradigm can help! We work as a single united team with leading banking and real estate firms and provide you the highest quality service possible.