Building Lasting Projects and Client Relationships

The Paradigm Process is a unique client experience proven to help you achieve your building goals, ultimately creating a home and lifestyle that we are confident you will enjoy for years to come! Follow our step by step guide which describes our process and what is like when working with Paradigm Homes.

The introduction meeting is all about you! We will listen and discuss your ideas, needs and wants for your home. Once we have an idea of what you are interested in achieving, we will start providing some possible solutions and additional ideas which will help you make a well-informed decision in regards to your build. Is an Addition or Pop Top the right direction for your family? Or would you benefit more from a complete tear down and build new? This time is designated to gather information but we will also explore budgets and financing goals. After this meeting Paradigm will provide you with a game plan for your project and a feasibility budget so that you can make a confident decision before moving forward.
It is now time to get your ideas on paper. Our Architect and his team will draft some concept sketches so you can have a visual and feel for the new home. It’s our goal during this phase to help you explore the style and functionality that best fits how you live. We will ask many questions about your daily routine through our discovery document and in doing so, we will gauge what is important to include in the design and what room is not needed.
The sketches now become working drawings- the Architect and Engineers will establish the specific details for the design and structure so we can submit for permits and then start the build. At this time we circle back with you to dial-in the budget and our team will guide you through the selection process for the finishes in your home. We feel the pre-construction phase is the most important phase of the project as it plays a big part in keeping the project on schedule and on budget. Hang on…We are almost ready to start the build!
Let the build begin! As construction commences, our experienced team of project managers will keep you informed and guide you every step of the way. This is an exciting time and we are thankful that you chose us to be on your team – we look forward to the reveal!
The time to move in and enjoy your new home is here!
We are confident that you will love your project and that it will be the envy of your neighbors, friends and family for years to come! Because of our deep concern for client satisfaction and the time investment made throughout the project, we don’t disappear after our job is done. We are here to help if any warranty issues or other questions happen to arise. Many clients have become friends over the years, passing along many referrals which is the highest form of praise!
Let’s Get Started!
“Having a hand in creating the place a client calls home and where they’ll make memories means a lot to me. In working with Paradigm Homes, our whole team will know who you are, your vision, and how to make the process of your project be as seamless as possible.”
Tim Winter, Owner , Paradigm Homes